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GTA V Receives An Official Release Date (Delay News Inside)

The day has come with the piece of info we’ve all been waiting for: the official release date for Grand Theft Auto V.  With only a vague Spring release date given by Rockstar Games, the chatterbox minds of gamers, and those within the press, were wondering when the game would grace our console of choice.  Certain retailers of course jumped the gun by posting temporary release dates which were far from the mark (hi, but now we have the truth: GTA V will come out this September.

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer #2 Is Finally Out (Yes, It Looks Good)

Today is one of those special days in which the entire gaming community across the globe eagerly awaits something and then in turn decides to watch a particular trailer at the same time causing a potential meltdown of the internet. Such a thing may seem like it’s a stretch to imagine, but it’s somewhat expected when a new trailer for a Grand Theft Auto game is released.  After receiving the debut trailer last November, Rockstar has finally released the second, and more story centric trailer, for Grand Theft Auto V.

Rockstar Games Enlists The Services Of Technicolor For Future Projects

Rockstar Games is a company that doesn’t mind experimenting and expanding their horizons and now the company is doing such a thing with an unlikely partner.  After setting up a minor film division, Rockstar has now partnered with Technicolor to work on more top secret stuff that we’ll likely have to wait years to finally see.

Rockstar Reportedly Prepping Vita Games - For Now At Least

The hardware may be impressive, but the PlayStation Vita hasn’t exactly set the world on fire thanks to an uneven software library. There may be some standout games for the Vita, including the exceptional LBP entry, though games that capture a wide audience are still a rarity of sorts.  Sony may not have done the best job at marketing and showing what the future has in store for the Vita, but one studio that is reportedly supporting the device is Rockstar Games.

Round 2 Of GTA V Screens Show What We Can Do In Los Santos

Earlier this week Rockstar Games did us a solid by releasing some new screenshots of Grand Theft Auto V. I know that a video game developer releasing media isn’t exactly breaking new ground, but considering how starved some gamers have been for any sort of GTA V update and the general secrecy Rockstar usually has about their projects it was nonetheless nice to see the game in some way, however limited it may have been.

The Hype Cycle Begins: New GTAV Screens Released + Tease Of Upcoming Announcement

Usually it’s not good to over hype a mere media release, especially when it’s only a few screenshots, but in the case of GTAV such a thing is expected. Ten months removed from when we were greeted with the premier trailer, Rockstar has kept quiet as always when it comes to GTAV but today three new screens were released

The First GTAV Viral Site Is Finally Launched

GTAV is still enigmatic as always, more so after Take Two’s investors call yesterday which featured the usual amount of question dodging.  Rockstar is no doubt tirelessly working away on GTAV to wow us soon, but when will we see something for the game, whether it’s a brilliantly crafted trailer or a mere screenshot? Rockstar did give us a small tease with some new screenshots, but when will the traditional hype machine begin for the game?

Rockstar Games Releases New GTAV Screens + Small Audio Tidbit, Tease Of Future Red Dead Announcement

We’ve been patiently waiting or something to be released since November and at long last Rockstar Games has given us our second look at Grand Theft Auto V.  Released today totally unexpectedly, we have two new in-game screenshots showing us the glorious and ever beautiful place that is Los Santos.  Seeing two simple screenshots may not be as epic as a grand trailer that shows us the world of Los Santos in great detail, but at this point I’m sure gamers will grab whatever GTAV media is given to them.

Max Payne Is Going The Comic Book Route With Some Special Assistance

If you couldn’t tell over the last few months I’m a bit excited for Max Payne 3, perhaps too excited for my own good. While I may not have gone into total shill mode for the game I can recognize that it may have a few issues (repetitive action) that could dampen the overall experience.  One thing that I won’t completely understand about some of the skepticism that surrounds Max Payne 3 is those out there who don’t think the game is as noir as it should be.  

Max Payne 3 Redefines Action With Bullet Time [Video]

In what will presumably be the final Max Payne 3 pre-release video, Rockstar Games has decided to end things in a grand fashion that will no doubt make the wait until May 18th that much harder.  Over the months we’ve seen the different facets of Max Payne 3 which will come together to provide a cohesive gameplay experience that’s hopefully as much fun as it looks.  After receiving our first look at the multiplayer action offered in Max Payne 3 we now have an in-depth look at the most iconic element in the Max Payne franchise: bullet time.

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