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GTA V Heists Finally Receive Release Date

Since its original launch, way back in September 2013, the question on everyone's mind has been "when are we getting Heists?" If you're not familiar with GTA - and if you aren't I have no idea what you're doing on a video game website - the game mode is one that was announced well before release and is intended to feature online heist missions with your friends.

ShogunGamer's Most Anticipated Games of 2011

Well everyone 2011 is here which means new games are right around the corner. I know some of the good ones are already out. Dead Space 2, Mass Effect 2 for the PS3, LittlebigPlanet 2, so on and so much to talk about! But there are still so many more games to look forward to this year we thought it would be good for, not just us, but you too, if we wrote a most anticipated article for you to read. I mean why not this year is going to be a great year for games! Hell it sure can be worse than last years three good games we got.

Red Dead Redemption gets a new series of DLC Packs

Some may have already finished the epic cowboy tale of Red Dead Redemption but now they can go back to the Old West once again thanks to a new round of DLC.  Previously the DLC Red Dead Redemption has received thus far has focused on the multiplayer side of things but now Rockstar will be expanding the tale of John Marston with a new single-player adventure.

New Red Dead Redemption trailer shows some cowboy goodness

When you combine cowboys, epic gun battles and unique characters with the talented folks at Rockstar Games then the result is Red Dead Redemption.  Previously we’ve only seen a small sample of what to expect from the game in the form of a teaser trailer and a few screenshots but now we have a brand spanking new trailer, that was actually leaked a week early, that shows off the classic archetype characters that inhabit the world and the homage it is to classic cowboy movies from directors like Sergio Leone.

GTA DLC Review Part 2: The Ballad of Gay Tony

Overall Feeling: 

Forget the fact that it’s DLC. A wealth of new characters, missions and activities, combined with a visual upgrade make The Ballad of Gay Tony the perfect swan song for Rockstar North’s fourth Grand Theft Auto.

The Pros: 

Terrific pacing means that the action never eases up. A visual upgrade irons out many rough edges. Plenty of activities and missions to complete, none of which feel as though they’re simply filler. The new rating system adds an extra dimension to play as well as giving the player reason to replay missions.

The Cons: 

There’s still some minor graphical hitches. Rating : 

The Ballad of Gay Tony (TBoGT) represents the final piece of DLC that will be made available for Rockstar North’s Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA IV). No doubt the Edinburgh-based developer is already hard at work on the next GTA title, but not before offering up one of the best experiences in the series’ history.

Rockstar announces The Ballad of Gay Tony

Today Rockstar Games and Take-Two announced the latest episode of DLC for Grand Theft Auto IV in the form of Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony which is once again exclusive to the Xbox 360. This latest chapter in the GTA universe finds players assuming the role of Luis Lopez. Now Luis isn’t a hardened biker like Johnny Kleibitz was and is instead a low level hoodlum who also works as an assistant for nightclub owner Tony Prince who is also known as “Gay Tony”.

The Press Release for the game describes the story as:

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