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Ridley Scott

Halo: Nightfall [Review]

It took five weeks, but each of episode of Halo: Nightfall is finally released (they were unveiling one per week since the launch of Halo: The Master Chief Collection), but is it everything Halo fans have waited for? At roughly twenty to thirty minutes per episode (and a little longer if you include the second story experiences which I'll delve into shortly), it's essentially a full length film in its entirety, but it's definitely not a AAA blockbuster movie you'd see from Hollywood.

The latest on the Alien reboot/relaunch movie

Awhile back ago news spread that Fox was looking into possibly doing a remake/reboot/relaunch or whatever the hell you want to call of the sci-fi masterpiece “Alien.” Besides the follow-up sequel “Aliens” the Alien franchise has somewhat floundered with “Alien 3” being ok considering the troubled production it had and “Alien: Resurrection” was just a movie that fans wi

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