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Ridge Racer: Unbounded

Ridge Racer: Unbounded Given Release Date (At Least We Still Have RR For Vita)

In lieu of Namco announcing a traditional Ridge Racer game for the PlayStation Vita some gamers out there may have forgotten about Ridge Racer: Unbounded.  The Western centric Ridge Racer spin-off/reboot being handled by Finnish developer Bugbear Entertainment is still in development and today Namco revealed when gamers can opt to drive down a user-created city and crash cars or merely stick to traditional drift racing via the PlayStation Vita.

Ridge Racer: Unbounded Surfaces Again With More Arcade Action

I had meant to post this earlier but the Ridge Racer fan within me is still perplexed at the product we’re set to receive.  Leading up to its proper reveal at E3 this year, Namco Bandai has released a new trailer for Ridge Racer Unbounded, the new spin-off/quasi-reboot of the popular arcade racing Ridge Racer series.  Back in February Namco Bandai revealed their new version of the Ridge Racer franchise which was being developed by the Finnish based studio BugBear and the reaction was extremely mixed.

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