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Rare Replay [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Rare is one of those iconic developers and no matter your gaming preferences you've most likely played one, or numerous, of their titles in the past three decades. Rare Replay takes some of the best of their work and bunches them together in a fantastic game collection that is not only worth your money (only $30!) but a fun trip down nostalgia lane.

The Pros: 

+30 games for 30 bucks

+A great selection of Rare games included in the package

+Charming presentation and easy to use menu system


The Cons: 

-360 emulation for the 360 titles

-Not all of Rare's classics are included

-Some games haven't aged well Rating : 

Retro Games honored in fans' own way

Now this might be dating me a bit, but here goes. Everyone has to start gaming somewhere in fact before the console market got so hot, a lot of games were just made for the PC. Day of the Tentacle was one of those games.

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