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Xbox One Master Chief Collection Bundle for $349

Well, it was bound to happen... If there's one thing that has a history of moving Microsoft's consoles it's Halo. There was obviously going to be some tie-in with the Master Chief collection and the Xbox One console itself. So here we go: Master Chief Edition Xbox One console and game.

Sony Gets Gamers Ready For Duty With SOCOM 4: Deployment Edition

SOCOM 4 is almost within reach as its two months away from finally hitting retail.  With the multiplayer beta expected to launch shortly, Sony has announced a little something for gamers who want the complete PlayStation Move enabled SOCOM 4 experience.  Slated to hit on April 19th is the SOCOM 4: Deployment Edition, which sadly doesn’t include a pair of dog tags, some cammo clothing or a dudebro style bandana.  Instead of some slightly superfluous bonus content, the Deployment Edition is pretty much a bundle of sheer awesomeness for gamers who haven’t jumped aboard the PlayS

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