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Resistance: Burning Skies Gets Serious In This New Video

In less than two months we’ll be receiving a brand new entry in the Resistance franchise but instead of appearing on the PS3 or the PSN we’ll receiving such goodness on the PlayStation Vita with Resistance: Burning Skies. I don’t know if the lack of overall excitement for Resistance: Burning Skies is just because some people are burned out on the Resistance franchise or simply don’t know that the game is coming out in May.

Insomniac Games Has Officially Called It A Day With The Resistance Franchise

This may be sad news for some PS3 gamers, but Insomniac Games is officially done with the Resistance franchise. After releasing Resistance 3 last September it was unknown if Insomniac would continue with the series some point down the road given the ending of the game and the new 3rd party focus of Insomniac.

PlayStation Heroes Come To Life In Sony's Live Long Play Ad [Video]

Video game ads are always hit and miss since they either try to be too unique in order to captivate people or are simple snippets of game footage condensed into a 20 second clip.  For the most part we’ve gotten some good video game ads this generation that pay respect to the property without dumbing things down too much for the mainstream audience. Even games like Dante’s Inferno have gotten decent ads amidst classics like the ad campaign the Gears of War series has received.

NGP (PSP2) News Round-Up: Pricing, Battery Life and Videos Galore

It’s been a few hours but the video game industry and gamers alike are still buzzing over Sony’s reveal of the NGP i.e. the PSP2.  Everyone knew that Sony would show their PSP successor at some point, but I think we’re all still shocked because for once the pre-reveal hype and initial hardware rumors didn’t fall apart when the actual news came in. If anything, the NGP somewhat surpassed the initial expectations gamers had for Sony’s latest handheld unit.

One location in Resistance 3 will be....

Thanks to a user on NeoGAF we now have our first, and in a way confirmation, of what Resistance 3 has in store for us. GAF user goldsoundz game across a billboard for Resistance 3 on the set of the upcoming sci-fi action film Battle: Los Angeles which is currently filming in Louisiana. Battle: Los Angeles is about an alien invasion seen from the perspective of a military unit so it’s quite fitting a Resistance billboard would appear in the film.

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