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Resident Evil 4

Capcom Announces North American Release For Resident Evil: Revival Selection + New Comparison Pics

Yeah I’m back yet again with another update concerning the recently announced Resident Evil: Revival Selection HD release which won’t entirely be comprised of me bitching. Or at least I’ll try not to bitch and go into bitter fan mode and simply let the details speak for themselves.

Resident Evil: Revival Selection HD Screens Aren't Exactly Dazzling

The news that Capcom was planning a HD version of both Resident Evil: Code Veronica and Resident Evil 4 via Resident Evil: Revival Selection HD left gamers in an almost perpetual state of high-fiving one another.  Yeah, getting two old RE games in HD for the PS3/Xbox 360 may not be as good as an entirely new RE installment (with or without complete global saturation) but with how well regarded RE4 is, the chance to play the game in HD + Trophies/Achievements meant that some gamers were indeed going to triple dip on the game.

Capcom Is Finally Going The HD Remake Route With Resident Evil: Revival Selection HD

Capcom knows what gamers want out of a Resident Evil game and that’s more stuff like Resident Evil 4, which is still today looked upon as the best Resident Evil game released in the last ten years.  So knowing the demands of gamers and how they’re now prone to buying HD remakes of classic games, Capcom has announced Resident Evil: Revival Selection HD for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Need a game for the iPad? Then maybe you should check out Resident Evil 4

If you were one of the many people who stood in line and bought an iPad this weekend then there’s some gaming goodness for you to purchase. But I’m not sure if buying a game to play on your iPad completely justifies spending $500 on a feature deficient iPhone that took some HGH.

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