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See the First Two Episodes of Alan Wake's Bright Falls

See the first two episodes of the Bright Falls, the live action prequel to Alan Wake.

The episodes are about six minutes in length and there will be a total of six episodes that will be aired.


Bright Falls Trailer Teases Us On What's To Come.

Microsoft releases the first trailer for Bright Falls the Alan Wake live action prequel series.

I can't help when watching the trailer but get a Twin Peaks flashback.

Hopefully the Bright Falls series lives up to expectations though even if it turns out bad, I don't think it will alter my decision to purchase Alan Wake on day one.

Watch it yourself beginning 4/25/10 on and 4/27/10 on

Play the game on 5/18/10.


The Alan Wake content keeps pouring in with these new screenshots

Amidst my early morning rage upon looking at certain things I must admit that looking at these new Alan Wake screenshots has definitely brightened my day up a bit. Perhaps it’s seeing the amazing visuals and lighting techniques that has slightly perked me up a bit or it could be the thought of shooting mysterious shadow dudes and making them go boom.

More impressive Alan Wake images

Last week was a good week to be an Alan Wake fan as not only was the game given a May 18 release date but a bevy of new media was released as well.  Even though the X10 event is over that isn’t stopping Microsoft and developer Remedy from releasing even more breathtaking images of the suspenseful noir experience that is Alan Wake.

X10 Spotlight: Alan Wake

Alan Wake is a title that has been oft-postponed since it was announced oh-so long ago. For a long while now we’ve seen the game making the rounds and appearing at all the big trade shows to let us know it was still alive, but it wasn’t until today that we got a release date. That’s right; Microsoft and Remedy finally have set the date on the release of Alan Wake: May 18th.

CES 2010: Microsoft announces DLC for Alan Wake

As is the norm with most games this gen Microsoft has announced that their upcoming TV style horror/suspense game Alan Wake will be supported post launch via DLC.  This news shouldn’t be that much of a surprise since after all Alan Wake is being modeled after TV shows so having DLC in the form of additional seasons or episodes is rather fitting.

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