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Quantum Break [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Quantum Break is a risky gamble, one that might not pay off for the general public, but one that a review and lover of story crafting and world building like myself deeply appreciates. While the general public might not love the idea of sitting down to watch 20 minutes of TV at the end of each chapter, I found it a beautiful combination of my love for marathoning Netflix TV and gaming.

The Pros: 

+Live action is well shot and well acted.
+Story and world are deep, interesting, and will keep you guessing.
+Time-manipulation powers are a lot of fun to abuse.

The Cons: 

-Core shooting mechanics are weak, compared even to previous Remedy action-shooters.
-Easy to see people not being interested in 20 minute "cut scenes" at the end of each chapter. Rating : 

From the end of the first chapter I knew that Quantum Break was going to be a controversial title. Unfortunately, not everyone wants to sit and watch a 22 minute "cut scene" at the end of each level. That being said, this is hardly the first time we've been asked to sit and watch either. Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid have found success with elongated cut scenes to close out chapters of the game, so why is the idea of watching a full TV show quality bumper so unreasonable?

Quantum Break [X-15 Preview]

It feels like Remedy Entertainment is finally starting to show their hand when it comes to Quantum Break, but if what they showed at Microsoft's X-15 event is any indication, they're still not ready to lay everything out on the table.

Members of the media were brought into a dark room for the Quantum Break showing on Wednesday in Toronto. No one from Remedy was on hand, leaving the presentation to Microsoft producer Torin Rettig.

Xbox One vs. The Internet [E3 2013]

During the week of E3 we, the gamers, are inundated with an abundance of Video Game news. The primary source of which is the panels, which we tend to review, dissect, criticize, and “improve” as though we were those snobby bitches on the E! Channel talking about award-show attire.

Not to say that I’m immune to it though.

TL;DR - Mar 22 - Bayonetta, Dust 514, Alan Wake 2

My apologizes for the brief (week) and unplanned hiatus of TL;DR. The good news is that it’s back, and hopefully will retain its nightly-routine for the foreseeable future. There’s been a lot that’s happened since I’ve been gone, but I’m not going to bother playing catch-up on all of it. Instead, let’s just pick up from today shall we? : Bayonetta has been announced as joining in with Anarchy Reigns. There’s a rumor about Alan Wake 2 making an appearance on the Xbox 720, and there was some live footage of Dust 514 that was shown today.

Alan Wake: American Nightmare [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Using the tools established in Alan Wake, specifically the ability to re-write reality, Remedy has taken Alan Wake in a whole new direction. The game is now themed more like pulp '80s action films, moving away from its Stephen King/Twin Peaks roots, and offers a whole new (unique) story with the flavor of the mini-series Night Springs that ran within the original game.

The Pros: 

+Well written story-line that manages to feel fan-fiction and cannon at the same time.

+Improved gameplay mechanics that make the core even more fun to play.

+Remedy's love for genre films really shows through.

+Small touches like the constant narration (via a Twilight Zone knock-off host) provide that same strong feeling of the original, with a whole new tone.

The Cons: 

-The game does only use three locales, which loop three times. Rating : 

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Remedy’s 2010 thriller title Alan Wake. I went on record saying that it was the best game of the year, and was passionate enough in my appeal of the other writers of the site that eventually we pushed it through to win. The reason was that the game brought something new to the table, it was atmospheric, creepy, smart, and offered just a touch of humor (via the TV series Night Springs, which could be watched through monitors placed through-out the world).

Alan Wake: American Nightmare Hands-on [CES 2012]

While the Microsoft Keynote’s bad taste still hasn’t left my mouth, I did make sure to take time out during CES to head on over to their space on the floor. The primary focus of this year’s booth was to show off the concepts of Windows 8 and how it will integrate throughout all of Microsoft’s products (not unlike the aforementioned keynote).

First Crop Of Games Premiering At The Spike Video Game Awards 2011 Are Revealed

It’s close to that special time of year in which we get a few surprises that we weren’t expecting at all. No, I’m not talking about receiving a holiday specific present but instead receiving our first look at brand new video games and eagerly anticipated sequels thanks to the Spike Video Game Awards.  A tradition in the video game biz for the last few years, the Spike VGAs can always be assured to give us a few key things: horrible “comedy”, world premier trailers, and an almost unnecessary amount of dudebro content which may or may not include women prancing around in bikinis.

Remedy Is Touting It's New Facial Animation Tech As The Soon To Be Champ

This generation has been an extremely interesting one when it comes to developers improving the graphics and overall visual fidelity of their games.  Besides pushing out more polygons for character models, developers have been improving the core tech of what helps create the games like creating new motion capture  and animation techniques.  Back in the day motion capture was a fairly basic process that involved placing a few motion trackers on a performer and then using that movement to drive the game character.  But these days we have motion capture that records the mov

Alan Wake [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

A dark, unnerving setting back-lighting an intense, powerful horror survival game with a fantastic story and immersive game-play.

The Pros: 

Strong story. Interesting characters. Powerful narrative. Amazing scenery. Unique game-play. Fantastic presentation. Solid soundtrack. Subtle queues to evoke eerie atmosphere and a drive to plow straight through the campaign.

The Cons: 

Left-side-loving camera. Blatant product placement. Rating : 

For a while there I was having discussions with fellow gamers and friends about the death of single-player gaming. It seems that every title that releases these days has multiplayer associated. In most modern cases the story-mode of the game does little more than introduce you to the ideals of the multiplayer. I was afraid that the cinematic, story-driven games of my past may have gone the way of the Dodo. 

New Alan Wake Trailer and Free DLC Details

A new spine tingling trailer for Remedy's Alan Wake was release today along with new information on free DLC.

The new trailer is called "Wake Up' and it showcases the darkness that awaits our title character in the sleepy town of Bright Falls. There's mystery afoot and it is up to Alan Wake to bring the truth out into the light from deep within the shadows.

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