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THQ Issues Delays For South Park, Metro: Last Light, and Company of Heroes 2

Not quite embarrassing as some of the other punches the company has received, THQ has announced that they will be delaying three of their core releases.  Slated to get moderate, if not sizeable bumps, will be the genre laced FPS action of Metro: Last Light, Company of Heroes 2, and the ever humorous and potentially awesome South Park: The Stick of Truth.

THQ Reportedly Cancels 2014 Line-Up, On The Cusp Of Closing [Rumor]

Over the past six years we’ve seen a lot of developers and publishers struggle to stay afloat.  There’s no denying that this current console generation has been the source of some of the best games we’ve ever played, but producing triple-A games with budgets that rival that of small Hollywood action films (Crank cost $15-20 million and Red Dead Redemption cost nearly triple that amount) isn’t easy and that has led studios to be shuttered and publishers to scale back their plans dramatically.  

Warhammer: Space Marine Gets Serious In This New Trailer (Orks And Chaos Galore)

At the rate we’ve been getting them I think all of us are completely worn out by the dudebro genre and any game that has a space marine in it.  Yeah, every developer puts their own spin on the space marine genre or at least tries to but consistently playing games with space marines is like going to a fast food restaurant every day – you may like the food and it tastes yummy at first but then it gets boring and ultimately makes you sick.

VFS Game Design Expo 2011

A few weeks back I got to take part in the annual Vancouver Film School’s Game Design Expo. For the second year in a row, the VFS GDE was phenomenal. The event itself is very much based on drawing students to the game design program that is offered at VFS. The build of the weekend event is a Saturday filled with interviews and a Sunday chalked full of Campus and Course overview.

Brand new images of Warhammer 40K: Space Marine

If you love big burly bald space marines, and clearly who doesn’t, then you’ll probably like THQ’s Warhammer 40K: Space Marine. I like how THQ kept things rather simple with the name instead of thinking of a subtitle like Chaos Rising or Soul Storm. The game is about big Space Marines killing and blowing stuff up and proudly wears that on its cover.

The A.I. game that could've been (it looks like another crap movie game)

Ok, so a few years ago Steven Spielberg released the film “A.I.” starring that boy from “The Sixth Sense.” Despite being a bit long and depressing as hell at the end “A.I.” was a pretty solid film that had amazing visuals from ILM and Stan Winston Studios and it tackled an interesting subject.  What some may not know, or at least remember depending on how long you’ve been following games, is that Microsoft was developing a plethora of games based on the film none of which saw the light of day since the movie was me

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