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Ready at Dawn

Ready at Dawn (God of War PSP Developer) Reveals Future Plans

There may or may not be a God of War game on the PlayStation Vita but one thing that is for sure is that developer Ready at Dawn won’t be at the helm.  The studio responsible for the PSP entries in the God of War series has revealed that they will be skipping the God of War series for something much better: a game on an unannounced next-gen platform. I think it’s time to cue the next-gen PlayStation launch game alarm since RAD is rather chummy with Sony.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta trailer has family drama + bonus item revealed

When God of War 3 dropped on the PS3 earlier this year there was a nice sense of closure to the series.  Without being an ass and spoiling the game, the journey of Kratos indeed came to a satisfying ending that left a 10% chance of a sequel some point down the road.  Then shortly after GOW3 Sony announced God of War: Ghost of Sparta for the PSP.  Serving as bridge between the first two games in the series, Ghost of Sparta has a lot going for it but to some there was a feeling of “too much, too soon, same old GOW.”  After watching this new trailer for Ghost of Sparta, I t

God of War: Ghost of Sparta release date and pre-order bonus announced

Earlier this year PS3 owners were able to experience the pure epicness that was God of War 3 and now PSP owners can soon experience the rage of Kratos, albeit on a smaller scale.  God of War’s second PSP game, Ghost of Sparta, is now set for a November 2nd release. That’s per the PlayStation Blog so it’s safe to assume that’s a locked release date.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta First Look At Gameplay Video.

As Sony's God of War: Ghost of Sparta inches closer in making its second appearance on the PSP later this year, you now can whet your brutal head ripping fix by checking out the first gameplay footage below.

The video features Kratos wrecking his "I'm a very angry man" havoc on a ship off the coast of Atlantis and continues his bloody mayhem on shore (Atlantis itself perhaps) against some hapless creepy looking fools.

I'm taking a long shot here but perhaps the city of Atlantis mysteriously disappeared because Kratos gone and stomped it into oblivion?

God of War: Ghost of Sparta announced for the PSP

It seems like Kratos isn’t content with being just the king of the PS3 as he also wants to dominate the PSP. Today Sony has announced God of War: Ghost of Sparta for the PSP.  The game is being developed by Ready at Dawn who developed God of War’s previous PSP game Chain of Olympus.  This news isn’t too surprising considering recent murmurs of Ready at Dawn doing a PSP game. But you know what is surprising? Ghost of Sparta is set for release this year.

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