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Modern Warfare 3 Trailer Finally Hits, Has Lots Of Explosions And Epic World Ending Action

You may have seen this already by now, but Activision has released the first entirely in-game trailer for Modern Warfare 3.  The premier of the MW3 trailer is of course a big deal considering the popularity and overall stature of the Modern Warfare franchise, but it’s a big deal since we all know about the drama that went down at Infinity Ward last year, which as a whole called into question whether MW3 would be worth checking out.

An update on the somewhat packed development of Modern Warfare 3

The situation concerning Modern Warfare 3 is one that no one has a definitive grasp on.  Since Infinity Ward co-founders Jason West and Vince Zampella were fired from Infinity Ward last year we’ve heard conflicting reports as to the status of Modern Warfare 3.  When West and Zampella left many assumed that would be the end of the series at Infinity Ward and that was later backed by a rumor that said as much.  But then we

James Bond will finally return next year, in two exciting new projects

After floating around in a muck of financial silliness and typical Hollywood/studio politics, the next James Bond film has received a release date and confirmation on who will be involved.  James Bond will be returning to his duties as the best spy in the world on November 9th, 2012 – a date that may seem far off but at least we’re getting Bond 23 after waiting for the past two years.

Singularity Single Player [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

The game is pure fun. While it might not be the most in-depth or technical shooter that you ever play, you will have a lot of fun with the weapons and abilities that the game offers up.

The Pros: 

Fun gameplay. Interesting weapons. Proper uses of time manipulation (finally). Compelling story. Interesting characters. Solid voice-acting.

The Cons: 

Short single player experience. Texture pop-in issues on the PC version. Predictable story "twists." Weak feeling "morality choice" at the game's finale. Rating : 

Time Manipulation is an idea that I have always thought would work perfectly for video games. The ability to slow time down and dodge bullets, or run in and hit people from behind while they are frozen in time. Of course there are much more elaborate uses as well, but these are the main ones that I’ve been waiting a long while for. Singularity finally allows for this kind of gameplay, and plenty of other interesting twists on the usage of time through localized time distortion.

Activsion's time travel fps game Singularity gets delayed again

I’m not sure how relevant this news will be for some but Activision’s time manipulation fps game Singularity has been delayed again. Yes, the game is receiving another delay if Gamestop’s listing is to be believed.  Singularity was originally set for release in November but was delayed so it wouldn’t compete against this small Activision property called Modern Warfare 2.

Wolverine VS Gambit and other good stuff

The recent media for X-Men Origins: Wolverine has shown that the game could end up being flat out awesome. Impressive visuals, nice combat and a development team that seems to know what they're doing has inspired confidence in the gaming masses that continue to be let down by poor film games.

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