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Sea of Thieves [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Sea of Thieves is as much fun as the friends you're playing with. With a solid group of like-minded people you can share some of the most story-worthy experiences of the year, however the actual content of the game feels lacking and if you're in a group or two or flying solo you may experience some serious lack of content.

The Pros: 

+Beautiful art style and accompanying graphics
+Unique 'playground' style gameplay with a nautical theme
+Simple mechanics that pretty much anyone can pick-up quickly
+Surprising amount of attention to small details (like catching your own vomit in a bailing bucket)

The Cons: 

-VERY repetitive core gameplay
-Lack of content
-No real reason to buy the game, thanks to Game Pass Rating : 

Generally speaking, the idea of a "playground game," which would be how I define a multiplayer sandbox that focuses on the players themselves making the most interesting gameplay, is a genre I haven't had much interest in. Sea of Thieves is fairly light on content, which means it is definitely a game that lives or dies based on the friends that you're playing with.

Rare Replay [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Rare is one of those iconic developers and no matter your gaming preferences you've most likely played one, or numerous, of their titles in the past three decades. Rare Replay takes some of the best of their work and bunches them together in a fantastic game collection that is not only worth your money (only $30!) but a fun trip down nostalgia lane.

The Pros: 

+30 games for 30 bucks

+A great selection of Rare games included in the package

+Charming presentation and easy to use menu system


The Cons: 

-360 emulation for the 360 titles

-Not all of Rare's classics are included

-Some games haven't aged well Rating : 

Hopeful Wishing Time: Microsoft Reportedly Renews Killer Instinct Trademarks

A true megaton could be upon us based on the latest trademark registration Microsoft has made. Either that or we’re in for a true disappointment of such epic proportions that gamers could enter such a zone of jadedness that their souls are forever imprisoned within the Phantom Zone.  The Microsoft acquisition of Rare has proven to be a bust based on what has transpired in the last five years, but one of the flagship properties of the company may return: Killer Instinct.

Rare Could Be Going Back To Form On The Next-Gen Xbox

There have been quite a few injustices done in the video game industry, but one that still has gamers in complete scorn mode is how Microsoft has handled Rare. The prolific studio behind games such as GoldenEye and Conker’s Bad Fur Day, the purchase of Rare by Microsoft didn’t seem all that bad when it happened in 2002.  The $375 million sum Microsoft spent on acquiring Rare was certainly one to balk at, but the prospect of Microsoft tapping into the talent Rare possessed seemed like it would’ve been a dream scenario.

Footage And Art Released For The Cancelled Perfect Dark Sequel

Usually when we get wind of a cancelled game it’s sad day for gamers.  Even promising projects are sadly cancelled at times for multiple reasons, whether it’s due to mass studio restructuring or fears about the future of the market.  This generation has been absolutely gut punching when it comes to cancellations as titles like Star Wars Battlefront 3 (cancelled twice btw) and Eight Days have both been AAA games that sadly had their lives cut short.

Rare Cuts Art Team Members, More Cuts To Follow [Rumor]

Another long-time game developer could be on deaths doors if recent speculation is to be believed.  After giving us a series of classic games in the mid-1990s on the Nintendo 64, Rare has since gone on to do projects which to be honest haven’t exactly captured the same feel and fun factor that was found in their previous work. Perhaps some of the blame on Rare’s less than stellar offerings can be attributed to the management of the company, but of course that also falls on Microsoft Game Studios, which are reportedly shifting the focus and staff size of Rare once again.

QuarterSave: Beta Protocol EP39

Welcome to another edition of the QuarterSave Podcast! This week is episode number 39, “Beta Protocol.” We talk about Alpha Protocol a bit, along with the classic Perfect Dark which I’ve been playing again on Xbox Live. Corey of course has been hard at work, so doesn’t have a lot of video games to talk about, but that doesn’t stop him from having an opinion on the week’s new and beer!

Rare Celebrates 25 Years with New Logo


I like it. I’ll go ahead and say that upfront. Don’t get me wrong, I have an attachment to the original gleaming gold “R”, but I think it’s a little too 90s for modern Rare. In a celebration for their 25th anniversary Rare has created a series of new logos. It’s unclear if they are testing the waters with the several iterations shown, or if they are part of a series of brands that will be utilized for different game series/genres.

Perfect Dark coming out for Xbox Live Arcade

Take a trip back with me to the year 2000. A time when a tank full of gas didn't double the value of your car, Y2K ultimately didn't pan out with doomsday being subsequently pushed back to 2012 and Rare was pumping out reasons to own a N64 housed in convenient molded plastic. Games like GoldenEye 007, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Mickey’s Racing, Blast Corps and of course Perfect Dark.

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