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Ratchet & Clank CG Movie Finally Announced (Plus Heavenly Sword News)

At long last the PlayStation brand, or rather a key franchise, is going to arrive in the world of cinema.  After various projects have been kicked around such as live-action adaptations of Infamous, Killzone, Shadow of the Colossus, and Uncharted, none other than the Ratchet & Clank series will be the first key PlayStation property to grace the screens of movie theaters around the world.

ReBoot will soon return to homes next year

If you were a child of the early to mid 90s who even at a young age had an affinity for cool and slightly geeky TV shows then you may’ve seen ReBoot.  First hitting the airwaves in 1994, ReBoot was the first TV show to be completely rendered via computer animation. Looking at the show now, some may think the animation and visuals are crude, but for its time ReBoot was the pinnacle of CG animation and it was impressive as hell that Mainframe Entertainment pumped out 23 minute shows as fast as they did.

First teaser for the movie relaunch of the classic cg cartoon ReBoot

Back in the mid 90s before Pixar released Toy Story a Vancouver based company named Mainframe Entertainment beat Pixar to the punch by producing a weekly half hour CG cartoon called ReBoot.  ReBoot was almost an updated version of Tron as it took place inside a computer and followed the adventures of Guardian Bob as he fought off the evil virus Megabyte.  While the show may sound simple it was actually exceptionally written as it featured a nice amount of actual tec

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