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Modders Recreate GTA III Using Rockstar's Rage Engine

The PC modding community has been around for ages and likely will continue to thrive as the years continue.  We’ve had a lot of cool mods come out over the years some of which have been small like having the DeLorean from “Back to the Future” recreated within Crysis while other mods have been more substantial and ultimately have gone on to become full games.  

Rumor Of The Day: Doom 4 Is Revealed In These Leaked Screens

The internet can be a wonderful place for a variety of reasons as it brings us informative news, cool updates, and a healthy dose of humor which is sometimes unintentional.  In the world of video games the 4Chan board has become a somewhat notorious place due to its harsh criticism of certain games and news which honestly boarders on the idiotic while teetering on being downright depressing in how it portrays the industry to those in the casual field.

RAGE [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

The unique character design, impressive world that has been created and stunning use of idTech5 along with their 'megatextures' do little more than provide a breath-taking mask to otherwise bland shooter. At the end of the day RAGE feels little more than a re-skinned version of DOOM made by a group of people that were inspired by Mad Max and Borderlands.

The Pros: 

+Unique story telling

+Graphically impressive

+Awesome character design

+Unique weapons

+Solid co-op experience

+Ammo types drastically influence battle

The Cons: 

-Mediocre Feeling FPS

-Buggy, especially without install

-Doesn't have a real 'wow' factor beyond its look

-Repeative mission structure

-'Open world' is just a juncture between repeating zones Rating : 

RAGE is something that I've been personally waiting for on bated breath. When it was originally announced back at QuakeCon 2007, it was the 'mega textures' and 'idTech5' showcase that started to blow everyone away. Beyond that though, the game was looking like it was going to take everything that Borderlands had already done, and ramped it up with all kinds of improvements to the style and specifically the graphics of the game.

New RAGE Gameplay Video: Gearhead Vault Mission

Bethesda Softworks has been gracious enough to release an exciting brand new gameplay video that takes a look at the "Gearhead Vault" mission in their upcoming highly anticipated game, RAGE. 

The new footage features your character accepting a mission from the Mayor of Subwaytown as he wants you to break into a vault owned by of one of the game's many different bandit clans, The Gearheads. The vault apparently contains a new ultimate power source that is created by combining Feltride and Plutonium and the mayor wants to lay claim to this new found power.

Why You Should Care: RAGE


Remember how I said that I’d try and feature some indie titles, maybe some older games, and potentially some newer games, from time to time, in this new series called “Why You Should Care”? Well… here’s the thing, I do fully intend on that being the case, but I’m going to have to jump out the gate here by playing a little catch-up on some titles that I have a personal interest in that are still on the horizon. Chapter 2 of the continuing saga: RAGE

Rage's Anarchy Edition Announced & New Dead City Gameplay Video

Bethesda announced today that eager gamers awaiting the release of Rage will be able to get a free game upgrade just by pre-ordering their copy of Rage.

Rage isn't scheduled to release until September 13th but if place your pre-order before then you will be automatically upgraded to the Rage: Anarchy Edition which will include four free exclusive (only available via the Anarchy Edition) downloadable in-game goodies for your post-apocalyptic warrior to use while trying to survive the Wasteland.

The loot includes:

Rage Demo Impressions [PAX East 2011]

Earlier today I got a chance to watch a solid 45 minutes of gameplay for RAGE. RAGE is the upcoming game from id Software, known for making such important FPS games like: Doom, Wolfenstein, and Quake. They clearly have experience in making these types of games, and the quality of it really shows in RAGE. The demo started off in a wasteland, with the developers showing off the game world and the graphics. A small town was shown where we get a real look at the character models. The graphics are stunning already, but seeing how the NPCs look really impressed me.

Brink, RAGE, Skyrim and Hunted Receive Official Release Dates

You know, it’s funny how life works out sometime. Just last night I was having a bit of a debate with a friend about the release date of Brink. There was some talk around if an official date had actually been put forward, from the information I had I didn't think that there was a firm date. Waking up this morning though, I found that Bethesda and fired over a press release announcing the dates for their four top titles of the year: Hunted: The Demon’s Forge, RAGE, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and of course Brink.

RAGE Delivers Three New Screenshots

When we first got to see RAGE at last year’s E3 we were blown away by how impressive the graphics were, as well as the game-play that was being described at the time. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been too much information or footage of the game since, so we’ve been stuck here twiddling our thumbs waiting on id to bless us with some new information, videos, or images.

Rage comes forth from the shadows with new screenshots

With a ton of games coming out this year one that completely fell off my radar was Rage, the new IP from id Software.  Despite having produced such classics as Doom, I haven’t been able to get too hyped about Rage thanks to the smattering amount of media releases.  That coupled with id’s consistent refusal to comment on a release date besides saying the game will be out “when it’s done” makes Rage a title that’s on the backburner for many.

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