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QuarterSave: vs. 3D (Again!) EP52

I’m sure that you all missed us very much, but we hope that you understand that Corey has been working like a mad-man to complete his apartment renovations to move in as soon as possible… Even though he’s been working on it for over two months now! Anyways, there’s plenty to catch up on as Video Game News continued on in our absence (who knew!?). This week’s episode features not only the return of the show and the cast, but also the return of the weekly beer review!

QuarterSave: Corey's Old Edition EP51

Even though Corey’s birthday was this weekend, he was kind enough to take time out from his celebration to swing by and record another show for you fine folks this week. Aside from the news that Corey is aging, this week’s show focuses around the recent launch of the Sony Move. We give our impressions of the Move and how we figure it will fit in with the current generation of gaming.

QuarterSave: The 50th Episode Spec-Tac-U-Lar with Samm and Eric

As you may have noticed QuarterSave has been gone a while, longer than planned in fact. Unfortunately the plans for a live-show out of Seattle were derailed when a laptop, who will remain nameless, crapped out during the recording destroying an epic hour-long show never to be heard by anyone but the few privileged that were in the room at the time. Episode 50, it would seem, refused to be captured without the addition of some VERY special guest stars.

QuarterSave: Hiatus EP49.5

I have a good news/bad news situation for you all. Unfortunately there is no new episode of QuarterSave, however there is good news in that there is a reason for the delay.

If you’ve been following along with us, then you know QuarterSave is on the threshold of its 50th episode. While Corey and I did consider throwing together a 50th episode spectacular this weekend, it was decided that instead we’ll wait… Next week we’ll be in Seattle covering PAX Prime, and what better place to celebrate a 50 episode anniversary!?

QuarterSave: The Gamescom Special EP49

This week has been a rather eventful week. Gamescom has come and gone, and in its wake there have emerged a plethora of video game news and media. In order to celebrate the tidal wave of new information that came this week Corey and I focus on the news stories of the week while enjoying a nice German beer.

QuarterSave: The Japanese Edition EP48

Well, it’s become wildly apparent that Summer is in full effect in the QuarterSave studios. To try and quell the effects of the heat Corey and I enjoy some Japanese beer while reminiscing about the day full of events we enjoyed at Vancouver’s Anime Evolution convention. Of course that wasn’t the only news of the week though. This week saw plenty of action, and we picked out three of our top stories to discuss: Moral Kombat, Bioshock Infinite, and Sony Ericson’s move to handheld gaming.

QuarterSave: Jailbroken Edition EP47

This week’s very special episode of the QuarterSave podcast deals with the recent changes that have been going on with regards to how media is used. Specifically the fact that jailbreaking an iPhone is now 100% LEGAL. That ends up being a good chunk of the show honestly, as we’ve both been playing with the new iOS4 on our iPhones and some of the features that are presented via jailbreaking (LEGALLY) as well as our trending topic about the other changes that the bill introduced (ability to rip owned DVDs, etc).

QuarterSave: Improving The Design EP46

QuarterSave returns this week, a day later than usual, with a couple of tired and worn heroes at the helm; as I’ve been sick and Corey has been working his ass off. None the less we managed to throw together a pretty decent show for you all! This week we focus around the release of the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 demo on the Japanese Playstation Store, Realtime World’s Project: MyWorld, and a creepy little Pokémon mod called “Pokémon Black”. 

QuarterSave: The Wine-O Edition EP45

Slipping late under the “better late than never” guise, QuarterSave episode number 45 has arrived! This week’s show is a special one as we switch from our regularly scheduled beer to some Japanese plum wine brought forth from the bowels of Tokyo by our good friend Michael-Sean! Thanks Michael!

Along with our obvious alcoholism, this week we explore some of the new and upcoming titles that have released (or will be released) including: Medal of Honor’s newly launched Xbox Beta, Limbo (XBLA), and today’s release of Hydro Thunder Hurricane!

QuarterSave with Special Guest Wyatt Donnelly (Fossett) EP44

This week’s show ends up coming in a bit late, though we still make the Monday release dead-line! Due to Corey being busy as hell this week, I had to scramble to find a replacement. Luckily a good friend of the show, and Shogun Editorialist extraordinaire stepped up to the plate (microphone) in order to try and fill Corey’s extremely large shoes (llllllladies. WINK) and did a rather good job of it!

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