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The Final Name Of The NGP May Have Just Been Confirmed For Real This Time

When Sony unveiled their successor to the PlayStation Portable in late January, the company did something that was somewhat radically different: they didn’t unveil a name for the handheld.  In the over fifteen years Sony has been around in the hardware business they’ve established themselves to be a very straightforward company, some people would say it’s almost boring, when it comes to naming their consoles.  With the PlayStation consoles following a numbered moniker, a lot of people assumed that the new PSP would simply be dubbed PSP2.

NGP Could Be Bound For Europe This Year

For once gamers around the world may not get shafted as Sony could be launching the NGP (their successor to the PSP) worldwide this year.  When Sony unveiled the NGP in early February, the company didn’t commit to a firm release date aside from commenting that the device would begin to roll out this year.  So when exactly will the NGP begin to roll out?  Well our friends in the United Kingdom may be excited to hear that the NGP could come as early as November.

Is Media Molecule Developing The NGP Version Of LittleBigPlanet?

When it was revealed that LittleBigPlanet would be making its way onto the NGP (PSP2) it wasn’t really a shocking moment.  With how the LBP franchise has blossomed to become one of Sony’s key 1st party franchises it makes sense for another portable version of everyone’s favorite creation based game to be in the works.  Details about LittleBigPlanet for the NGP were of course as empty as a freshly opened My Moon level, but one key question that lingered was who would be developing the project.

NGP (PSP2) News Round-Up: Pricing, Battery Life and Videos Galore

It’s been a few hours but the video game industry and gamers alike are still buzzing over Sony’s reveal of the NGP i.e. the PSP2.  Everyone knew that Sony would show their PSP successor at some point, but I think we’re all still shocked because for once the pre-reveal hype and initial hardware rumors didn’t fall apart when the actual news came in. If anything, the NGP somewhat surpassed the initial expectations gamers had for Sony’s latest handheld unit.

PlayStation Meeting 2011: Sony Announces PlayStation Suite And PSP2!

Sony held their much hyped about PlayStation Meeting in Japan today/tonight and as expected the event had several surprises in store for us.  Once SCE President/CEO Kaz Hirai took the stage things went into the basic rundown of what Sony is trying to achieve as a company along with a few specific bullet point achievements that the PS3 has made so far.  Kaz then proceeded to go into announcement mode with the reveal of PlayStation Suite.  For the past four months we’ve seen the leaked tech specs, images and videos for the Xperia Play, the device that was once dubbed the PlaySt

Nikkei reveals some exciting new features for the PSP2

This week isn’t going to be average and slightly dull as is sometimes the case at the end of January as we’re finally going to receive some official details on the PSP2.  After staying mum on the subject for months, all while the rumor mills where churning thanks to a ton of leaks, Sony will be holding the aptly named PlayStation Meeting on January 27th in Japan.  So what will the PlayStation Meeting focus on?

Sony's Response to PSP2 reveal on January 27th

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While I was at the this year’s Sony Press Conference at CES I couldn't help but feel a little let down when the head of both the PlayStation and Sony Phone didn't confirm a PSPphone.

As we mentioned before, more rumors are coming from inside sources that the PSP2 will be announced on January 27th during one of Sony's largest press events of the year.

A PSP2 announcement could happen this month

January could end up being an interesting month for the world of gaming as reports are coming in that Sony will unveil the PSP2.  The news comes from VG247 who is claiming that Sony plans on showing the PSP2 at a business meeting taking place in Japan set for January 27th.  Sony may be showing the PSP2 at a somewhat business centric meeting, but supposedly a few members of the press as set to attend so we could get a proper public reveal of the much awaited successor to the PlayStati

Interesting new PSP2 rumors arise

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The ever constant saga concerning Sony’s next iteration of the PlayStation Portable continues today thanks to a new report from Eurogamer.  Reportedly several developers have seen Sony’s new handheld and of course that means it’s time for us to put our rumor mongering hats on and speculate even more.

PSP2 rumors surface that sound too good to be true

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This could be a case of trying to get hits on what is usually a slow news day but now it’s slowly starting to gain some momentum.  To no one’s surprise Sony is working on the PSP2 but as we all know firm details on what we can expect from the second iteration of Sony’s portable have been rather scarce.

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