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Gran Turismo 6 May Not Appear On PlayStation 4 [Rumor]

Something could be amiss in the world of Gran Turismo which may not please the many members of the racing elite.  After the stumbling that Gran Turismo 5 went through in part to a shoddy online infrastructure and gamers being less than happy about certain elements, the next installment in Polyphony Digital’s ode to racing may arrive without the next-gen sheen that we all expected it would.

PlayStation Classics Revisited: Omega Boost

The era of the first PlayStation is still one that’s looked back on as one of the best moments in the history of the video game industry.  Being the new kid on the block and having been burned by Nintendo in the early 1990s, Sony came onto the scene and essentially stole the show with their PlayStation console which went on to be the de facto system for gamers until Sony’s PlayStation successor was released in 2000.  For me the release of the PS1 was a big deal as it marked the first time my parents allowed me to own a video game console, which as many of you know led me down the

European Gran Turismo 5 Special Editions revealed (they're awesome)

Sony is all about releasing special edition skus for their top franchises and of course we’re getting one for Gran Turismo 5. After nearly half a decade, we’re getting a proper GT game for the PS3 and to celebrate this Sony is of going all out. In June the North American special edition for GT5 was revealed and included things such as a 1:43 scale die cast Nissan GT-R Spec, a massive 300-page book and vouchers for five DLC cars.

Reminder: Gran Turismo 5 Is Still Coming, New ‘Nights’ Trailer

With the amount of time that Polyphony Digital has been putting into Gran Turismo 5 it can sometimes be a chore to remember that it is still planned for release later this year. Every now and again we need a little bit of a reminder that it’s just around the corner (if you’re not one of those reminding yourself by playing Prologue). To that end a new trailer has been released.

Gran Turismo 5 gets delayed in Japan. WHAT A SHOCK!!!!!

While not being as quite a big a joke as the continued delay of Duke Nukem Forever the saga that is Gran Turismo 5 is always entertaining.  After being teased with Gran Turismo HD which was truncated into merely a demo, then having to pay for what many thought of as a demo in the form of GT5: Prologue, and then most recently playing an official demo it looked like Gran Turismo 5 was finally upon us.

Gran Turismo Academy 2010 announced featuring GT5 goodness (it's a GT5 demo)

While Gran Turismo 5 is a mere few months away from release in Japan, other car enthusiasts still have to wait until pigs can fly for whenever Sony and Polyphony Digital deem it right for the game to launch in North America and Europe since they haven’t said a peep on when the game is being released abroad.

Gran Turismo 5 is ready to cross the finish line (kind of)

If you’ve been looking forward to the release of Gran Turismo 5 then you won’t have to wait much longer to experience the latest edition of the Real Driving Simulator as the game is slated to be released on March 31….in Japan.  Yup, GT5 finally has a release date but one still hasn’t been given for North America and Europe which is leaving some GT fans a bit ticked off.

Gran Turismo PSP gets some pre-order goodies

Sony seems to be giving consumers the goods this year when it comes to pre-order specials with games like Uncharted 2 and Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time having some quite substantial and solid pre-order bonuses. The latest game to jump on the pre-order bonus bandwagon this year is the long awaited Gran Turismo PSP which has some stylish cars available for those who are ready to commit to a purchase now.

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