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Pokemon GO - The End of Pokemon As We Know It

Two words: Pokemon GO.

If that didn't shoot a spike of endorphins into your brain then chances are you don't know what Pokemon GO is yet. Pokemon GO is the MMO Pokemon fanatics have been waiting for since the advent of the massive multiplayer online genre. As if that wasn't amazing enough, Pokemon GO is an augmented reality game that will be available...


Behold! The Man-Child!

Dear God, I'm 30 years old. One week away from 31. My father was raising 4 kids by this age! Me? I'm raising freakin' Pokemon.

Is this a personality flaw of mine? I mean, a lot of my peers appear to be in similar situations, so maybe this could just be a generational thing. What could possibly have made such a big difference between last generation and this one? My guess: video games.

Pro-Tips: Pokémon Part 1

It’s been 14-years since Nintendo introduced the world to one of the best selling role-playing games of all time, Pokémon... and just like creatures you train, the game has evolved over the years. In this Pro-Tips, we’ll break down everything there is to know about those cute killing machines, how to become the best trainer like no one ever was, and what you can expect when Pokémon Black and White 2 hits store shelves.

What We Want: Pokémon Black and White 2

We now know the next instalment in the Pokémon franchise is a sequel, that being the case it opens the door to a lot of possibilities. 

Black and White Two is of course the first official sequel to ever come from the long standing franchise. What does this mean? Well I believe some hints may be sitting right under our noses. Before we jump into the story let’s talk about the concept of this being a sequel.

Pokemon and Minecraft Collide In Pokemobs

Since it’s the weekend and I decided to take a break from writing my latest review, I came across something I wanted to share with all the fine readers of Shogun Gamer.  For the past year or so Minecraft has taken ahold of the gaming community since it’s an addicting game and it allows people to further show their creativity, whether it’s through building a decadent castle or recreating the Starship Enterprise in a 1:1 match right down to including every single engine room.  Maybe I’m surprised by this new Minecraft mod because I don’t follow the community as intensively as I do o

The Strange, Strange World of Pokémon

I am going to give you a dramatic reveal: I am a Pokémon freak. I am in my mid-20s, and I own every single version of the North American releases. I buy the new generations, I beat the Champions, and God help me I trade with eight-year-olds over the Internet. 

Nintendo Provides A Glimpse Of The 3DS Update

We now sit five days away from E3, but for Nintendo 3DS users June 6 will be just as exciting as the gaming conference.

I am of course referring to the long anticipated release of the first software update for the handheld device. Since the release of the 3DS back in March, owners have been awaiting this update as it will greatly enhance the 3DS experience.

A New Pokemon Game Is Revealed And Another Is Teased

Right now is a pretty good time to be a Pokemon fan, even if the world isn’t in a complete Pikachu love craze. With the release of Pokemon Black/White for the Nintendo DS, things got off to a pretty good start but they’re about to get even better.  While this news may not affect a good portion of the fine Shogun Gamer readers out there, we do have some cool Pokemon news and a tease for the future.

Gotta Catch’em All: Wheeling and Dealing

It is one of the greatest challenges in the gaming world, to catch all 649 Pokemon ever released. I can say I have obtained under a third or 209.

Gotta Catch’em All: The Beginning

It is one of the greatest challenges in the gaming world, to catch all 649 Pokemon ever released. I can say I have obtained under a third or 201.

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