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We The Gamers - Episode 1 - Air Traffic Control

Casey White of Quarter Save and Samm Carbo of TOROcast team up to create an awesome new podcast, We The Gamers.  Episode one introduces everyone to the new show and explains how things are going to work.  As well as a quick discussion on some of yesterday's random and top gaming news from around the web.

Grasshopper Manufacture launches their own podcast

Video game developer podcasts are becoming a more common thing and if you ask me that’s a good thing.  We’ve gotten some good developer podcasts already such as the Kojima Productions Report, The Full Moon Show and the recent Irrational Games show. Now Grasshopper Manufacture, the studio behind Killer-7 and No More Heroes, is joining the podcast fray. 

Official podcast launched for Just Cause 2

It’s quite cool that developers are reaching out to their audience in the form of monthly or weekly podcasts.  Hearing some insight on projects or the latest development news is always cool and podcasts like the Kojima Report and the Full Moon Show from Insomniac have proved to be quite popular amongst fans.  Now we have a new developer podcast for the action epic that is Just Cause 2.

QuarterSave Podcast - Episode 01 and Pilot Episode 00

Introducing QuarterSave podcast!: Roundtable discussions about video game news, previews, and reviews! After having to take a week long break due to some technical woes we were finally able to put together the new podcast. This week a bigger show then previously recorded in the “pilot” episode seeing as we had 2 weeks of stories to get through.

The 3rd installment of Torocast by SammMoney and Musco

Our weekly favorite Podcast has a new episode! So grab your lightsaber and Join SammMoney and Musco for TOROCast. This weeks the topics are more controversial and their production skills keep getting better with every episode. Be sure to listen to the ending of the show for our own Star Wars inspired content.

Listen in and give the guys some feedback or ask some questions, tell us what you think!

Guiding Us to the Light: Our Favorite Star Wars Toro Pod Cast, Ep. 2

Big ups to our favorite Star Wars Commentators, TOROCast! This week they cover some multiplayer/single player rumors and Bounty Hunter talk. Some big news and some interesting chat. Thanks to Musco and SammMoney for the great shout to all of us here at shogun gamer.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Podcast

While dancing around in your room, with the lights off, in your underwear is fun for anyone. It holds a special place in the heart of the star wars fan who owns a replica light saber. While some might not understand this joy, many will understand the excitement around the new venture from BioWare. Star Wars, The old Republic will bring that same underpants joy felt by the avid star fan, to your own personal computer monitor.

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