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PlayStation Vita

Sony Announces When We Can Expect Netflix On The PlayStation Vita

This immediately may be a non-news story of sorts, but Sony has confirmed that as now they’re striving to have Netflix support on the PlayStation Vita when the device launches next month.  Netflix appearing on the PlayStation Vita was a shoe-in since almost every key mobile/home based device can play Netflix Instant Streaming, but I don’t think anyone expected such a service would be available on day 1 or within a moderate launch window once the Vita is released.

Is Monster Hunter Coming To The PlayStation Vita? [Rumor]

Since launching in Japan last month the PlayStation Vita hasn’t exactly had a hugely successful launch. Despite the software being mostly good and the majority of the hardware devoid of any major issues, the Vita has struggled to find an audience, perhaps due to gamers in Japan being fascinated with their smartphones or merely busy playing games on the Nintendo 3DS.  No one is calling the Vita a doomed device as of now, aside from a few silly folks, but it’s clear that the handheld needs a much needed boost to its mild vital signs.

Hideo Kojima Talks Project Ogre, Reveals Open-Ended Approach Being Taken

We may be on the verge of getting weekly or at least bi-weekly updates from Hideo Kojima concerning Project Ogre, his forthcoming project which may or may not be Metal Gear related.  Kojima has of course stayed somewhat elusive as to what the core of Project Ogre would be and for a good while most gamers were under the impression that it would be something radically different for the master game designer.

Hideo Kojima Offers A Small Look At Project Ogre

Most gamers may not be totally sold on the revamped version of Metal Gear Rising, but Hideo Kojima has done us a solid by releasing new images from his forthcoming project.  Currently codenamed Project Ogre, the next potential Hideo Kojima masterpiece will be the debut game utilizing the newly developed FOX Engine, the in-house built graphics engine that Hideo and the team at Kojima Productions have put together.

The Touch Controls Of Escape Plan For The PS Vita Are Detailed [Video]

Gamers in Japan will be gaming on the PlayStation Vita this weekend when the device officially launches in that territory whereas folks in North America and Europe will have to wait until February. The additional two month wait period for the Vita may seem like torture for those who want to get their hands on Sony’s next-gen handheld, but for now we’ll just have to make do with whatever footage comes out of the Japanese launch and whatever new details are released such as this new Escape Plan video.

BBC Unveil New Doctor Who Game Set To Appear On PS3/PS Vita

Doctor Who fans may have received the best surprise of the year concerning the good Doctor as the BBC have announced that the Doctor and friends will be appearing in a new game bound for the PS3, PlayStation Vita, and PC. Perhaps the big surprise the BBC was planning to announce in advance of the new Doctor Who Christmas special, the Doctor will be making yet another video game appearance that I hope will be a bit better than what we received before.

Motorstorm Receives An Unexpected Spin-Off For The PlayStation Vita

Ever since the PlayStation 3 was first announced I’ve been a fan of the Motorstorm franchise. The sheer concept of going all out in a racing game was incredibly appealing to me and I was beyond impressed with the final result once I bought Motorstorm, even if the visuals didn’t match the target video.  The Motorstorm franchise has always been one of my top PS3 franchises and still is to this day, even in the wake of the somewhat terrible Motorstorm: Apocalypse.

SOCOM Developers Announce Unit 13, A New Franchise For PlayStation Vita

The PlayStation Vita may be dropping in Japan in a matter of weeks, but both SCEA and SCEE are finally ramping up the hype machines for the planned February launch of the PlayStation Vita in Western territories.  We already have a handful of games set to appear for the Vita at launch such as Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Wipeout 2048 but now we have a surprise addition to the line-up of the Vita’ launch that may please core gamers.

Grasshopper Manufacture Reveals Indie Driven Initiative For PlayStation Vita

For some reason Grasshopper Manufacture has gone into development overdrive this generation by developing or co-developing a handful of projects ranging from PSN/XBLA games to full on high budget games being backed by publishers like WB Games.  Grasshopper Manufacture is going back to their indie roots a bit to publish/co-develop even more games, some of which could be bound for the PlayStation Vita.

PlayStation Vita Interface And Apps Are Front And Center In This New Video

Most of us may still be over three months away from holding our very own PlayStation Vita, but gamers in Japan and those with wallets massive enough to import a unit will have their next-gen handheld goodness next month.  Sony hasn’t gone on their full media blitz for the PS Vita in North America and Europe yet, but since the system is dropping in Japan next month SCEJ have gone into media blitz mode which is why we have this new video.

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