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PlayStation Vita

Sega Opens New UK Studio To Work On PS Vita Project

The PlayStation Vita may have had a major showing at E3 last week as the software was plentiful and looked exceptional.  This may have been the first time the PlayStation Vita was shown at a massive event and additional games were announced or shown, but surprisingly we didn’t see much on the 3rd party front.  It’s always common for major companies such as Sony or Nintendo to focus on their 1st party efforts when announcing a new piece of hardware but it was a bit odd that we didn’t receive a PlayStation Vita sizzle reel focusing exclusively on 3rd party efforts like Call of Duty

PlayStation Vita Hands-On [E3 2011]

E3 is always a special place for one key reason: lucky people such as me get to play new hardware months if not a full year before it’s in the hands of consumers.  I know that having such an honor probably makes me a lucky bastard and there’s no doubt some jealously is going on amongst some people, but I try not to boast at having such a privilege.  Being able to hold a new piece of hardware for the first time is an occasion that always sticks with me as a gamer since it’s hard not to get all warm inside upon seeing a sexy piece of tech and subsequently playing the device for the

Thunder Thighs Are Plentiful In Dragon's Crown For The PlayStation Vita [E3 2011]

The PlayStation Vita may only be in its early days of life, but Sony’s new portable device already has a potential slew of software releases that could push the device into absolute stardom.  We may have been through a similar situation when the PSP launched, but the software shown for the PS Vita could have a better end result compared to what the PSP had to offer simply because we have a portable device that is more than capable of pushing out HD like graphics along with offering games that aren’t mere ports of PS2 games.

Sony E3 2011 Conference Wrap-Up

The last month hasn’t exactly been nice to Sony despite the continued success of the PS3 and the hype train that has been rolling for the NGP/PlayStation Vita.  Having things like your security be hacked and having an integral part of your network and revenue source be down for the month will hurt any company, if not because it becomes the source of jokes amongst everyone but because it may make gamers flock to another system.

The Potential Blunder Moments Of E3 2011

Every year gamers look forward to one specific thing due to the near endless joy that it offers. No, I’m not referring to the ever so crowded but amazing Winter release schedule that this year will bring us games such as Uncharted 3 and Modern Warfare 3.  I’m instead referring to E3 and the near infinite amount of amazement it offers.

Wipeout 2048 Offers Some New Tricks While Keeping The Same Wipeout Flair [Video]

Today the floodgates have opened on a bevy of games that will be available later this year on the NGP (soon to be called the PlayStation Vita).  Uncharted: Golden Abyss looks spectacular on Sony’s handheld but one game that is 100% a day 1 purchase (even if makes my bank account have a negative balance) is Wipeout 2048.  Earlier this morning we received some screens of Wipeout’s debut on the NGP which showed a more basic and grounded approach as the game takes place four years prior to the F3600 Anti-Gravity Racing League, which makes it a direct prequel of sorts to the first Wipe

New Uncharted and Wipeout NGP Screens Looks Amazing (PS Vita Is Mini PS3 Confirmed)

Sony’s successor to the PSP is poised to make a huge impact at E3 next week and today we have a small taste of the impending shock & awe that the NGP i.e. the PlayStation Vita will create.  There’s no questioning that the NGP (let’s just call it that for now) is a powerful handheld as the direct game footage Sony showed running on the device in January was beyond belief and that it what we were seeing was merely early generation 1 software made the power of the system even more staggering.

The Final Name Of The NGP May Have Just Been Confirmed For Real This Time

When Sony unveiled their successor to the PlayStation Portable in late January, the company did something that was somewhat radically different: they didn’t unveil a name for the handheld.  In the over fifteen years Sony has been around in the hardware business they’ve established themselves to be a very straightforward company, some people would say it’s almost boring, when it comes to naming their consoles.  With the PlayStation consoles following a numbered moniker, a lot of people assumed that the new PSP would simply be dubbed PSP2.

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