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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Set To Receive Two DLC Characters

The character driven brawler that is PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is set to drop next week with an impressive roster of both old and new favorites.

PlayStation Store Receives Facelift

Rumors have swirled about it for months and the subject was even faintly teased at by Sony late last month. But at long last the news is official as Sony is giving the PlayStation Store a facelift that no longer sees it retaining the core design it once had.  Gone are the days of browsing through a web based store or one that was a bit of a chore to navigate as Sony is providing gamers with a sleek interface that looks to be one of the better design offerings the company has made in recent memory.

The Multiplayer Mode Of Killzone 3 Is Receiving A Standalone Release

I think this may be a first for a major console game, but Sony has announced that they are releasing the multiplayer mode of Killzone 3 as a separate stand-alone mode on the PlayStation Store next week.  Featuring all the content found in the full game, the Killzone 3 multiplayer release will also be a free-to-play title as it’ll initially be free to download with no major fees. So if you haven’t already entered the battle between the ISA and Helghast then maybe now would be a good time to do such a thing.

Changes Could Be Coming To The PlayStation Store

Maybe this is simply the latest in a string of somewhat believable rumors to hit the net as today it’s being reported that the PlayStation Store will undergo a massive redesign.  Since the PlayStation Store was first launched in November 2006 we’ve seen Sony’s service grow from becoming a clumsy to navigate webpage to what it is today: a slick interface that does an admirable job of showcasing the thousands pieces of content that’s available on it.

Classic Mortal Kombat Cosumes To Be Available For Everyone Very Soon

Leading up to the release of the new Mortal Kombat game a lot of gamers and fans of the series were unsure whether or not the game would deliver the goods.  All the media we saw leading up to the release of Mortal Kombat’s ninth iteration certain looked good, but the quality of the last few MK games wavered a bit so in some respects MK9 was far from a sure thing.

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