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Radial Dialogue - Episode 6 - Rock Band 4 Officially Announced

Good news everyone! Jen is finally feeling a little bit better, enough so to get out of bed this morning and head down to do a recording of a new episode of Radial Dialogue.

If you weren't able to join us this morning, here's the recap: Jen and I discussed the announcement of Rock Band 4, what that means for the instruments, EA shutting down Maxxis' main studio, and the PSN+ free games for March.

Sony Reveals PS Plus Updates For Vita (They're Shockingly Good)

It may be time for PlayStation Vita owners to buy a new memory stick since Sony is finally giving us the goods more or less. After announcing earlier this year that the PlayStation Plus service would be bound for the Vita, Sony has at long last announced what free games will be available to gamers and thankfully the launch isn’t a complete bust.

PlayStation All-Stars Open Beta Finally Starts

The time is finally upon us as PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is ready for public consumption. Ok, we may have to wait an additional month to play the final game, but PlayStation gamers are in for a treat this week as the public beta for the game is finally being commenced.

Resident Evil Infects the PlayStation Store in September.

Sony released their upcoming PlayStation Plus content for September today and from the looks of it, they will be going all out this month to celebrate Capcom's 15th anniversary of the first release of the king of all survival horror games.Resident Evil.

Resistance 3 Multiplayer Beta Kicks Off Soon And Here's How You Can Get In...

As is always the case, Sony has some major first party games set for release this year and one that has particularly received a lot of hype is Resistance 3.  We all know that Resistance 2 was honestly a bit of a disappointment, but Insomniac has so far fixed their wrongs with Resistance 3 – which for all we know could be the last major Resistance game Insomniac develops. 

Red Faction Spin-Off Game Set To Hit The PSN Soon

THQ has been taking some big chances this generation with the scale and content of their projects.  Gone is the company that was focused on doing licensed games and instead we have a new THQ (complete with a slightly off looking logo) that is intent on giving us new IPs and games that expand the depth and reach of their projects. One of THQ’s many test projects is the upcoming Red Faction: Battlegrounds for the PSN and XBLA, and soon enough we’ll see if gamers are up for playing a Red Faction spin-off game that doesn’t involve shooting guys or smacking them with axes.

Good News For Fighting Fans: Mortal Kombat Is Getting A Demo

If you’re like me and can’t go to PAX East or don’t live on the West Coast and therefore can’t attend the first stop in the MK truck tour, then there’s no reason to go into rage mode as a demo of the new Mortal Kombat game will be available next week.  But there are two main catches: once again Xbox 360 owners are getting the shaft as the demo is a timed exclusive for the PS3 and even if you have a PS3 you’ll have to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber to get in on the bloody action that the newest MK game offers.

Sega Goes Old-School And Brings Classic Genesis Games To The PSN

The PlayStation Network has always strayed away from being a place where gamers can buy a plethora of old games as Sony always wanted the service to focus on new titles instead of what was released in the past.  Sony may still be upholding their mantra of releasing new and exciting releases such as Journey, but there are just some classic games that you can’t deny from putting on the PSN, like those from the Sega Genesis era.

PlayStation Plus Subscirbers Get THQ's Stacking For Free!

I don’t feel bad saying that I’m a huge PlayStation fan.  I think at this point most of you out there know where my console allegiance/preference resides, but I’ve always been a fan of the PlayStation brand since I got my PS1 back in 1997.  With that being said, I didn’t immediately jump at the chance to become a PlayStation Plus subscriber when the service launched last Summer. As much as I like to back Sony’s endeavors, I was a bit wary of spending $50 a year on something only to have games and other items selected for me, some of which I already owned.

Find out how to get into the Killzone 3 beta

Getting into betas is always a hot commodity amongst gamers as not only is it a cool thing to experience but it’s something to brag about. Being able to play game months before your friends can is definitely a cool thing that should be experienced by everyone at some point.  Well, it’s always tricky getting a beta, and by beta I don’t mean a demo being passed off as one, but I think Sony has truly won the “Toughest Beta to Get Into” award based on their announcement concerning Killzone 3.

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