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PlayStation Move

Diifii visits the gamers nirvana that is the Eurogamer Expo 2010

The UK gamers have been watching the U.S. have a lot of fun at E3 and their other Game Developers Conferences, however this month for three full days UK gamers get to have a total blast at their own amazing video game show, put together by the Eurogamer website.

Media Molecule gives us an update on how PS Move will factor into LBP2

Yesterday we got some news regarding the Trophies of LittleBigPlanet 2 and now today some news regarding the much talked about topic of PlayStation Move integration has arisen.  LBP2 supporting the PlayStation Move isn’t that much of a shocker but the key question was if the game would have Move support day 1 when it launches in January or if the goodness would come at a later date.  Well it’s kind of a combination of both based on what Sony and Media Molecule are planning.

Shogun Gamer News Wrap-up: Sept. 20 - Sept. 24

Compared to the news mega week that we had last week due to TGS 2010, this week was really slow on the news front.  As always a few interesting rumors, trailers and tidbits came forth, but aside from that not much else happened. I guess everyone is collectively trying to recoup after TGS before all our minds melt due to the impending influx of Holiday video game releases.

QuarterSave: Corey's Old Edition EP51

Even though Corey’s birthday was this weekend, he was kind enough to take time out from his celebration to swing by and record another show for you fine folks this week. Aside from the news that Corey is aging, this week’s show focuses around the recent launch of the Sony Move. We give our impressions of the Move and how we figure it will fit in with the current generation of gaming.

PlayStation Move [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

It may still only be an infant, but the long term potential of the PlayStation Move already looks good. The PlayStation Move provides excellent motion tracking that features no lag or iffy pointer situations that will leave gamers angry. Aside from getting the calibrations set, the PS Eye provides a flawless experience that is actually beneficial to games. The moniker of the PS Move being a Wii rip-off may not subside anytime soon, but the device certainly surpasses the Wii in some respects and as a whole provides gaming experiences that are completely original.

The Pros: 

The controller is extremely comfortable to hold. From a tech perspective the PS Move lives up to its potential as I didn’t encounter any major lag or control issues. The 1:1 motion tech truly is amazing to see in action especially for the games available in Sports Champions. Design wise the PS Move is once again a sharp looking piece of hardware from the gurus at Sony.

The Cons: 

The placement of the face buttons takes a while to get used to. Setting up the PlayStation Eye may be a pain for some as a clip/stand isn’t provide to place the Eye atop the TV. The wrist strap could be a bit bigger. Rating : 

Last year the rumors were ablaze that Sony would be entering the motion control market, specifically to battle the Nintendo Wii.  After seeing countless patents that pointed to such a thing, we were officially introduced to Sony’s foray into the motion control market at E3 2010.  The device, which was unnamed and didn’t have the immediate snazzy appeal of Microsoft’s showing of Project Natal, was far and away a success based on the potential it showed.

Sony creates an interesting ad for the PlayStation Move

Sony always knows how to hit a chord when it comes to creating a commercial.  Whether it’s giving us a highly stylish ad for the PS2, an obscure PS3 campaign that people were lost at words for, or good old Kevin Butler – the current mascot for the PS3, Sony always gets the job done in creating buzz for their products.

THQ outlines their upcoming batch of releases (UFC workout game!?!?)

Today is one of those special sought after days in the world of gaming: a publisher has updated us on their upcoming release roster. I know, it’s nothing for us to get overly excited about to the point where we post gifs from Predator to show awesome how the news is. But today THQ did drop a few key pieces of info, some of which will are both awesome and sad at the same time.

New gameplay vid for Heroes on the Move is kind of meh

Next week is going to be huge if you’re a PS3 gamer since the PlayStation Move will finally be available in North America and Europe.  The launch games may be limited in their appeal, but there’s a nice flow of games set for release over the next few months which utilize the PS Move, one such being Heroes on the Move.

Find out what Ape Escape's debut on the PS3 will be like

One PlayStation game that for some reason never immediately caught on amongst gamers was Ape Escape.  Originally released in 1998, Ape Escape was a revolutionary title as it was the first PS1 game that was controlled only via the analog sticks, something to this day I still find impressive. Perhaps the overly wacky Japanese style and nature of the game was the main reason why Ape Escape never became a key PlayStation franchise like the likes of Ratchet & Clank.

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