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PlayStation Move

Explore The Possibilities Of The PlayStation Move With

In an attempt to further expand the amount of cool stuff that is capable with the PlayStation Move, Sony has announced the initiative.  Following what Microsoft has done by allowing users to tinker with the Kinect via their PC, Sony will be releasing a program that will allow gamers who own the PlayStation Move to create their very own programs and games for the device, which while not capable of running as a game on the PS3 still ought to be cool to do.

Sony Gets Gamers Ready For Duty With SOCOM 4: Deployment Edition

SOCOM 4 is almost within reach as its two months away from finally hitting retail.  With the multiplayer beta expected to launch shortly, Sony has announced a little something for gamers who want the complete PlayStation Move enabled SOCOM 4 experience.  Slated to hit on April 19th is the SOCOM 4: Deployment Edition, which sadly doesn’t include a pair of dog tags, some cammo clothing or a dudebro style bandana.  Instead of some slightly superfluous bonus content, the Deployment Edition is pretty much a bundle of sheer awesomeness for gamers who haven’t jumped aboard the PlayS

PS3 Version of Portal 2 To Receive PlayStation Move Support [Updated]


As per word from Valve HQ, it appears that there were some translation issues and Portal 2 will not, I repeat will not support the PlayStation Move.  Based on what was written on the German PS Blog, it seemed likely if not a complete shoe-in that PS Move support was going to be included in the PS3 version of Portal 2. 

Latest PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter Video Shows Off SOCOM 4

In just less than two weeks Sony will be launching the Sharp Shooter controller add-on for the PlayStation Move.  The first major Move add-on released by Sony, the Sharp Shooter potentially marks a big change in how we play fps and third-person action games that utilize the PS Move. For the people who don’t pay attention to plastic based console add-ons, the Sharp Shooter is a housing/controller in which the PS Move and a Nav Con can be placed inside, thus allowing the player to hold a small gun while they play games like Killzone 3 or SOCOM 4.

Killzone Developer Guerrilla Games At One Point Was Planning An On-Rails Version of KZ

Gears of War may be going the on-rails route with its Kinect iteration much to the dismay of gamers, but at one point another popular franchise was going to jump onboard the on-rails genre: Killzone. In an interview with Ars Technica, Guerrilla Games’ Tommy de Roos revealed that at one point the studio looked into doing a PlayStation Move centric version of Killzone that was entirely an on-rails shooter.

Sony Announces Killzone 3 Single-Player Demo (Internet High-Five Time!)

On the checklist of things related to Killzone 3 we have a pretty packed list.  We already have a snazzy and wallet crying Collector’s Edition, we have some cool tie-in products in the form of action figures and we have a public multiplayer “beta” set to drop before Killzone 3 is publicly available to the masses.

Is Sony publishing/co-developing The Unfinished Swan? (Amazing video inside)

Sony has proven that this generation they’re all about creativity and helping indie studios publish their projects when it comes to the PlayStation Network.  Gamers have certainly criticized Sony for not nabbing a plethora of HD remix games, but I’m perfectly fine experiencing games like those from thatgamecompany to stuff like Everyday Shooter or interactive art projects such as Linger in Shadows.

Sony announces release dates for Socom 4 and PlayStation Move Heroes

As earlier reports indicated, Sony has finally revealed when the PlayStation Move centric PlayStation Move Heroes and the next installment of the popular Socom franchise will be released.  After being delayed from its original Holiday 2010 release window, the next installment of Zipper Interactive’s Socom franchise will be ready for duty in April.  Socom 4 could become a huge title amongst PS3 gamers since it’s from a beloved franchise and also because the game supports the PlayStation Move and the recently revealed

PlayStation Move Heroes could be coming to gamers rather soon

Right now we’re in a bit of a dry spell in terms of big games that exclusively use the PlayStation Move, but that could change in March.  Siliconera has dug up some info from the latest issue of the Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu which lists the PlayStation Move centric, and rather oddly titled, PlayStation Move Heroes with a March release.

Time Crisis: Razing Storm amps up the action in these new videos

I have good news my gaming brethren: there’s a brand spanking new Time Crisis game coming out in two weeks.

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