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PlayStation Move

PS3 Rave Gamers Rejoice! Child of Eden PS3 Finally Dated/Priced

We may have heard about it recently for all the wrong reasons (hint: it bombed at retail), but the PlayStation 3 version of Child of Eden has finally been dated.  Already released on the Xbox 360 last month, Child of Eden has gone on to cultivate a small but loyal audience that has enjoyed the trippy visuals and addicting gameplay the game offers, which to some gamers has completely justified the purchase of the Kinect.

Yet Another GoldenEye Game May Be Coming Out, This Time Possibly For The HD Consoles

Last year Activision did something that made some people happy and infuriated others: they released a new version of GoldenEye.  Far from being a modern day update of the classic Nintendo 64 game, Activision’s GoldenEye release (which was exclusive to the Wii) was a complete reboot of the GoldenEye plot complete with new scenarios and levels being created along with the more modern twists that were also thrown in.  For what it was GoldenEye was a solid James Bond game but the whole Wii only thing irked a lot of people, even if GoldenEye’s history is tied with the N64.

House of the Dead: Overkill Extended Cut - Hands-On [E3 2011]

Zombies are a bit played out at this point since we’ve seen them be used to death in films, video games and most recently TV shows. I’m not saying that everything that features a zombie is a cheap or completely unoriginal thing, but seeing a car commercial that features a zombie in a woeful attempt to be funny or hearing about people going on zombie walks in downtown areas of cities across the U.S. is simply silly and I think it sells zombies a bit short.

House of the Dead Is Finally Making Its Debut On The PS3 This Year

I can finally put my PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter to good use again since Sega has announced a PlayStation 3 port of House of the Dead: Overkill.  Originally for the Wii, HotD: Overkill proved to be one of the best on-rails shooters for the platform since it’s always fun to shoot zombies in the head and the almost profuse potty mouth nature of the game was almost irresistible.  Now Sega is giving PlayStation 3 gamers some on-rails zombie action with House of the Dead: Overkill Extended Cut.

Hydrophobia Surfaces Once Again In Hydrophobia Prophecy

Thanks to people having the time to browse through Australian certification websites we got early word on Hydrophobia Prophecy, the next installment of the sci-fi based Hydrophobia franchise. Just like some of the locales in Hydrophobia, details on what Hydrophobia Prophecy was going to offer were a bit murky. But now we have some official details on the latest game, or rather major revision, of Hydrophobia which as a whole should please the fans of the franchise and those who own a PlayStation 3.

New UFC Trainer Screens Show In-Shape People Getting Even More In-Shape

One surprising genre that has been created this generation is the fitness genre.  Back in the day games used to be simple and consisted of punching people, shooting people or racing gorgeous high-end cars.

Insomniac Games Reveals Two Major Additions For Resistance 3

Following in line with pretty much every other major 1st party release, Insomniac Games has revealed that Resistance 3 will support the PlayStation Move + PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter along with featuring 3D support, hence the picture of Insomniac CEO Ted Price and Community Manager James Stevenson looking a bit silly.  The announcement was made today during Insomniac’s special Community Day in which a bunch of lucky gamers got the chance to visit Insomniac’s California studio and see a bunch

Unaired Top Spin 4 Commercial Featuring Serena Williams Is Leaked, Almost Completely Shameful

Sometimes I see things that make me wonder about the direction the video game industry is taking. No, I’m not referring to how or if publishers should further promote indie games or how they should improve their promotion of digitally distributed games but am rather distraught about some of the advertising that has come out of the video game industry. Sometimes we get advertising that would make Don Draper a happy man but sometimes we get advertising that’s either so silly or jaw droppingly bad that it’s almost shocking that it ever passed the initial pitch stage.

Ape Escape Makes Its Debut On The PS3 This June

I like monkeys and apes mainly because they’re cute. Sure, if you ever make one angry or play with one too aggressively they’ll likely rip your arm off or possibly bite half of your face off, but such a thing can’t prevent me from enjoying some monkey and ape action. Due to my love of primates, I always had a fond spot in my heart for the slightly underrated Ape Escape series.

PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

The PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter may not completely change the way we play games with the PS Move, but the device is a nice addition for those who like to play games with Sony’s motion controller.  While I may not have had the definitive experience when using the Sharp Shooter when playing Kllzone 3, Sony’s new peripheral isn’t just a cheap gimmick and actually has a lot of potential if the software out there is engaging.  With a reasonable price ($39), there isn’t a huge barrier of entry for the Sharp Shooter aside from the amount of worthy action centric PlayStation Move games currently available on the market.  If the amount of thrilling games increase, then the Sharp Shooter is definitely something you may want to look into if you’re an avid lover of motion gaming or want to recreate the vibe of playing arcade lightgun games.

The Pros: 

+ The design of the Sharp Shooter is brilliant and doesn’t feel like a cheap plastic shell.
+ There’s a nice weight to the gun, especially once the PlayStation Move and Nav Con are inserted.
+ Holding the gun and using the Nav Con feels entirely comfortable.
+ Using the Sharp Shooter for games like Time Crisis: Razing Storm or Dead Space: Extraction is really fun.

The Cons: 

- The Square and Triangle buttons are a bit small, at least for my massive fingers.
- When used with Killzone 3, I really didn’t find things to be amazing.
- I wish the secondary fire trigger had more of a click to it or more resistance, if only to prevent accidental firings during certain occasions. Rating : 

A lot of things have changed over the years as we play games and the industry continues to evolve.  The games we play get bigger, better, more pleasing from a visual perspective and the way we play games has changed as well.  If you told anyone during the heyday of the PS2 era that one day we would have three different consoles that would all support motion gaming in various forms, I think someone would tell you to stop smoking whatever it was you decided to take a puff of.  But here we are, in the bright and always optimistic (ok, sometimes optimistic) year of 2011 and the v

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