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PlayStation Home

Sony Reveals New Games For PlayStation Home That May Be Worth Scoping Out

The core PlayStation community may no longer have any interest in PlayStation Home or simply aren’t aware that the service is still up and running, thus their digital abode likely has massive cobwebs.  Since it debuted Home was a neat concept that somewhat failed on some of the promises it made (mass in-game party launching, having a Trophy room), but it has evolved and has still been a viable business outlet for Sony.

PlayStation Home Is Receiving A Game Focused Makeover

PlayStation Home has always been looked at as an interesting concept but it never really went down well with gamers since it was ultimately looked at as nothing but fluff.

Dead Island Will Be Infecting PlayStation Home Just Before Release

Deep Silver and Sony Computer Entertainment announced today that PlayStation Home will feature an upcoming mini game related to Dead Island. Much like Royal Palms Resort – the setting of Dead Island – Home will be suddenly plagued with copious amounts of walking dead. The mini game will feature many elements of the full game, such as crafting weapons and defending against zombies. Players can also just to enjoy this game with friends, taking advantage of the four player co-op offered.

PlayStation Network Store Updates: 10/05/10 [NA]

PlayStation Network Store updates for the week of 10/05/10:

PlayStation Plus:

  • Wired Skulls Theme (Free)
  • Bubble Trubble (Free)
  • Qore Episode 29: October (Single Episode) (Free)
  • Wakeboarding HD Dynamic Theme (Free)
  • Heavy Rain Origami Dog Avatar (Free)


Star Wars invades PlayStation Home once again

PlayStation Home has its haters, but some of those folks may be swayed to install Sony’s experiment at virtual social networking if they’re a fan of Star Wars. Set to release tomorrow in both North America and Europe is a very special Star Wars Home space that will please those who love the classic sci-fi franchise.  And thankfully the PS Home space doesn’t include any of that prequel garbage; awesomeness to the max.

Iron Man flies into PlayStation Home

With the release of Iron Man a mere two weeks away that means the promotion of the film is in overdrive mode.  With the mainstream audiences already caught in Marvel and Paramount’s grasp it’s now time to hook the video game community. As if Iron Man wasn’t already appealing to video game players, Paramount is making sure that everyone is hyped for Iron Man 2.

Navigate Home More Easily Starting Tomorrow with 1.35

Still playing Home? No? Well neither is anyone else really. That’s why Sony has decided to upgrade the navigation. 1.35 is taking a tip from the cross media bar to help simplify navigation. That means it’s going to be a whole lot easier for you to get to a line up for bowling tomorrow.

Aliens vs. Predator takes the battle to PlayStation Home

This may be a double whammy of “who cares?” news but today Sega revealed some Aliens vs. Predator content for PlayStation Home. Sega is keeping this initial batch of Home content simple as users will be able to purchase Home costumes for the Alien, Predator and Colonial Marines.  Sadly we’ll have to wait a little while longer before the chestburster t-shirt and Alien Hive apartment become a reality.

PlayStation Home will feature LucasArts content

As you can tell from the picture above that indeed is a Stormtrooper in the PlayStation Home Harbor Studio apartment. The image isn’t a clever Photoshop made by a Star Wars fan as starting tomorrow a LucasArts store will be available in the PlayStation Home mall.

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