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PlayStation Classics Revisited

PlayStation Classics Revisited: Einhander

Around fifteen years ago the shmup genre was one that showed no signs of slowing down.  The amount of shmup games released in North America may not have exceeded games in the 3rd person action genre, but gamers who enjoyed piloting various ships as they engaged in massive battles definitely had some nice options to choose from within the genre.  As a huge fan of the shmup genre I decided to take a look at Einhander, one of the best and most beloved games to be released from Squaresoft/Square Enix that doesn’t have the name Final Fantasy in the title.

PlayStation Classics Revisited: Omega Boost

The era of the first PlayStation is still one that’s looked back on as one of the best moments in the history of the video game industry.  Being the new kid on the block and having been burned by Nintendo in the early 1990s, Sony came onto the scene and essentially stole the show with their PlayStation console which went on to be the de facto system for gamers until Sony’s PlayStation successor was released in 2000.  For me the release of the PS1 was a big deal as it marked the first time my parents allowed me to own a video game console, which as many of you know led me down the

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