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PlayStation 2

PlayStation Retrospective: Network Adaptor

Online gaming on PC has been around forever, but it took quite a while for it to be the norm on consoles. Older generations tried it ala Sega Channel and other outlets, but it really wasn't until the Network Adapter for Playstation 2 arrived in 2002 which is when it started to hit its stride and lay the groundwork for Xbox Live and PSN moving forward. If you're newer to gaming or younger than myself, you simply might take online gaming for granted. Hell, you might even take being online for granted also.

PlayStation Retrospective: War of the Monsters

Developed by the team that brought us Twisted Metal - I was sold. That is, literally, all it took for me to purchase this PlayStation 2 title without ever hearing about it prior to seeing it on the store shelf back in 2003. That little logo (of the now defunct) Incognito team was the biggest selling point for me. Probably one of the best decisions I've made in my life! (I've had a pretty tame life.)

PS Retrospective: Twisted Metal Series

To kick-off PlayStation month, we're going to look back at the series that made me the loyal PlayStationite I am today: Twisted Metal. Twisted Metal not only secured my purchase of the first gen PlayStation, it also began my obsession with vehicular combat games.

Not sure what vehicular combat games are? Well, that's because they are an endangered genre these days. But back in the mid-to-end 90's, it was all the craze. Carmageddon, Interstate 76, Vigilante 8... all these existed because of Twisted Metal.

Killzone 1 PSN Release Delayed Indefinitely

Remember last month when the news leaked that the first Killzone game would be released on the PlayStation Network as a PS2 classic? I certainly remember such a thing and I’m sure a few other folks out there do as well.  Perhaps then I wasn’t the only one who was a bit confused when I went on the PS Store on January 24th, the “official” release of Killzone on the PSN, and was surprised to see the game missing in action.

Is Killzone 1 Coming To The PS3/PSN? [UPDATED]

Sony and Guerrilla Games haven’t announced a fourth entry in the Killzone franchise just yet, but gamers may have the opportunity to go old-school and experience the game that started it all.  As per an ESRB listing, the first Killzone game has been rated for the PlayStation 3.

Mega Bomb Monday: Sony Is Finally Releasing PS2 Games On The PSN

There hasn’t been much to complain about this generation on the console front since we have most of the stuff we want at this point.

Why You Should Care: Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks

Believe it or not, since this series began I've started getting a number of requests for games that should be showcased on Why You Should Care. Some of them are great suggestions, which I'm definitely going to get myself around to eventually, and I would first and foremost like to thank everyone for their support and recommend that they keep pitching in their ideas for some greats of gaming past that you feel might have been left by the way-side!

Sony establishes Classics HD brand

PS3 gamers have been crying out for more HD versions of classic PS2 games and Sony seems intent on giving us that. Last year the God of War Collection proved to be a success and now Sony is releasing the Sly Collection later this year.  Now it seems like Sony is going all out with the HD updates as Sony is creating an entirely new brand for them.

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