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Platinum Games

Additional risque Bayonetta costumes

If the previously shown Bayonetta alternate costumes didn’t make you feel all tingly down below then perhaps these new ones will. In addition to some already revealing costumes it turns out there are some additional costumes gamers can unlock in their quest to make Bayonetta their latest video game girlfriend who will always be with them in their dreams or erotic fan fiction.

Fulfill some of your fantasies with these alternate Bayonetta costumes

We all know that Bayonetta has no problem showing its sex appeal with the never ending ass shots, sultry walks and near nudity when Bayonetta unleashes a magic attack.  But developer Platinum Games is taking Bayonetta’s sex appeal to the next level with a few risqué alternate costumes gamers can unlock upon completing the game.

Sega gives a date for the Bayonetta demo

Last week the leaked Sega and Sony meeting notes stated that a demo for Bayonetta could be released around Christmas time but I guess Sega decided to ramp things up a bit as a demo for Bayonetta is being released next week for both the PS3 and Xbox 360.

The latest Bayonetta trailer redefines the phrase over-the-top

[Edit] We were contacted by Media Maverick and asked to remove the video and images for now. The video was leaked and unfinished. We will be updating you later with official released footage when it becomes available.

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