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Platinum Games director promises new Bayonetta info soon

Fans of long legged action heroines have something to look forward to as new info concerning the future of the Bayonetta franchise is expected to be announced shortly.  The news concerning Bayonetta’s future comes from Platinum Games Director Yusuke Hashimoto who dropped this tidbit via Twitter:

[quote Yusuke Hashimoto] Good morning. It looks like we'll be able to share new information related to Bayonetta this week. Look forward to it.[/quote]

New screens and gameplay video for Vanquish

Vanquish is shaping up to be one of the best action experiences this year with both journalists and even developers admitting how damn awesome it is.  Dude in special suit capable of slowing down time and boosting along the battlefield = action overload goodness.  E3 2010 gave everyone a good look at the game but now yet another video and even more screens have been released.

Vanquish Hands-On [E3 2010]

The video game market isn’t short of cover based shooting games. Hell I’ll go out on a limb and say that we have too many games that have you hiding behind cover while you occasionally take shots at a distant enemy.    Now for what seems like the first time ever a Japanese developer is taking a crack as doing a Western centric cover based shooter. But Vanquish from Platinum Games isn’t just a Gears clone with some crazy sh!t thrown in, it’s literally the coolest cover based shooter ever made.

More robot action in these new Vanquish screens

Sega and Platinum Games have just released some interesting screens for Vanquish, the new action game from Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil 4).  We already know a great deal about the story of the game which pits American forces against Russians who have commandeered a space station.  But aside from looking cool, these new screens establish a few key things about the Vanquish universe.

Somewhat new details on Vanquish

Previously we’ve gotten a few tidbits on the story of Vanquish, the new sci-fi action game from Platinum Games and Shinji Mikami. We already know that the story involves the Russians hijacking a solar energy device capable of mass destruction, which is a basic premise but is still cool.

In-game screenshots for Vanquish, the new sci-fi action game from Shinji Mikami

Yesterday some new info on Platinum Games’ upcoming sci-fi action game Vanquish was revealed via Famitsu and now we have some proper in-game screens of the game as opposed to blurry scans.  While the images may not make a lot of sense in terms of context they do look rather appealing from an art design standpoint and the visual quality itself is rather impressive.

Shinji Mikami shares some details on Vanquish

Thanks to a report last month from the man who not only created the amazing suit of armor for the Vanquish premier trailer but also acted in it we got a few interesting details on the game.  Now thanks to Vanquish game director, and maker of all things awesome, Shinji Mikami speaking to Japanese game magazine Famitsu a few more details has arisen.

Interesting tidbits on the new sci-fi action game Vanquish

Last month we got an early look at Vanquish, the next game from Bayonetta developer Platinum Games.  While the trailer didn’t show us any gameplay let alone give us hints on mechanics it was a rather amazing trailer thanks to the talented folks at Logan who once again showed that live-action footage in video games can still work.

[UPDATE] Premier trailer for Platinum Games' Vanquish (lots of live-action goodness)

After giving us one of the craziest action games ever released in the form of Bayonetta, Platinum Games have announced the sci-fi based game Vanquish to be their next project.

But this isn’t just a Platinum Games venture as Vanquish is also being developed by the design studio Logan, who some may remember as the studio responsible for the amazing live-action sequences in Metal Gear Solid 4.

Sega announces when gamers can try out Bayonetta

If you didn’t download the Japanese demo that was released on the PS3 and 360 in October then you’ll soon get a chance to try out the craziness that is Bayonetta.  Today Sega announced that a demo would be released once again for the PS3 and 360 but this time it will be available in North America and Europe.

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