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Phoenix Wright

Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Enters The Fan-Translation Pantheon

To carve out a path for humanity in this chaotic and uncaring universe, human beings have always sought some level of order and organization; codes that we as a culture can subscribe to so as to ease suffering and bring about balance. And so we developed the concept of justice, and law to establish what is or is not just. Unfortunately, we cannot conceive of justice without its opposite. And so 'injustice' was born.

The Live-Action Phoenix Wright Movie Is Officially Coming To The West

Today brings good news for fans of Phoenix Wright and Japanese films as the live-action Phoenix Wright film will receive international distribution. Announced last year in a somewhat stealth like fashion, the live-action adaptation off everyone’s favorite spike haired attorney is helmed by acclaimed Japanese director Takashi Miike (ZebraMan, Thirteen Assassins).  

Phoenix Wright Could Be Making The Leap To The Big Screen With A Famous Director At The Helm

I think every single gamer in the world, no matter what age they are, all know that most films based on video games aren’t good. The amount of reasons why a film based on Tomb Raider or even lesser known franchises such as Wing Commander falter is at times incomprehensible.  Unlike creating a film from the ground up and trying to tailor it for certain audiences, films based on video games already have a good chunk of the material written already and more importantly the filmmakers have a gauge on what the gaming audiences likes or dislikes.

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