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Kara Offers A Glimpse At The Future Of Performance Capture From Quantic Dream

Day three of GDC was a special day as it brought us the extremely exciting reveal of Kara, the latest tech demo/glimpse of what Quantic Dream has been up to since the release of Heavy Rain.  Taking to the stage in a panel revolving around emotion in games and digital actors, Quantic Dream Founder/CEO David Cage revealed Kara – a tech demo showcasing the new technology the studio has devised which is focused on capture the true essence of an actor’s performance.

Take another look at the creative process of Enslaved [Video]

Today can be dubbed “Enslaved Friday” as I have two, yes two, new behind the scenes videos for Enslaved: Odyssey to the West.  Earlier this week we received episode 1 of the bts featurette which showed the creative process that went into the story and acting of game.  Today, Namco Bandai (NamBam ftw) has released two features that should be informative to those who like to play apocalyptic games with killer robots.

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