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Perfect Dark

QuarterSave: Beta Protocol EP39

Welcome to another edition of the QuarterSave Podcast! This week is episode number 39, “Beta Protocol.” We talk about Alpha Protocol a bit, along with the classic Perfect Dark which I’ve been playing again on Xbox Live. Corey of course has been hard at work, so doesn’t have a lot of video games to talk about, but that doesn’t stop him from having an opinion on the week’s new and beer!

[Review] Perfect Dark XBLA

Overall Feeling: 

It's very much like putting on rose-tinted sunglasses and looking back at your childhood. The game is just as much fun as I remembered it, but with the graphics and game-play tweaks there's no real downside to going back to the days of the N64.

The Pros: 

Tons of customization options.
Plenty of maps.
Fun and interesting challenges.
Great multi-player.
Some amazing weapons.
Nostalgia overload.

The Cons: 

Outdated controls.
Outdated story.
Single player experience not what I remembered. Rating : 

Perfect Dark is a classic N64 game that a lot of people will debate was even better than retro fan-fave Golden Eye. While both played similarly and offered some highly addictive multiplayer action, a lot of people believe Perfect Dark to be the gold standard based on one key factor: variety. It’s absolutely true that Rare was light-years ahead of the rest of the developers out there when this game originally launched. There are insane amounts of customization, game modes, weapons, and challenges. But how does it stack up 10 years later?

X10 Spotlight: Perfect Dark for XBLA

Up next on the X10 docket.. or maybe dossier, we have new information on the upcoming XBLA title that I'm personally excited for and applying a Teflon coating to my couch groove in preparation of, Perfect Dark.

If you're a bottom line reader, the take me home is thus. It's the original PD in all the ways that made it great with additional features and 8 players on Live, as well as graphically 10 - 20 times better in 1080p (60 frames/sec). Kenn Lobb, creative director for Microsoft Game Studios said some words on PD.

Perfect Dark coming out for Xbox Live Arcade

Take a trip back with me to the year 2000. A time when a tank full of gas didn't double the value of your car, Y2K ultimately didn't pan out with doomsday being subsequently pushed back to 2012 and Rare was pumping out reasons to own a N64 housed in convenient molded plastic. Games like GoldenEye 007, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Mickey’s Racing, Blast Corps and of course Perfect Dark.

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