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PAX Prime 2011

First Look At Starhawk's Space Combat Will Be Coming Soon

Starhawk may sadly not be one of the many games Sony is releasing this Holiday season, but the game already has a loyal following due to its pedigree (it’s from the team that gave us Warhawk) and it’s a freaking action game set in space with intense ground and aerial battles. As a veteran Warhawk player I was blown away by what developer Lightbox Interactive had devised with Starhawk and I was completely floored when I had the chance to play the game at E3 earlier this year.

The PAX 10 Winners Announced

There’s a fair few gaming conventions that are showcased through-out the year, both public and trade. Penny Arcade as pushed its way to the top of the heap by being a gaming show for gamers, and subsequently gets away with a lot that the others shows can’t. One of my favorite examples of how PA runs the show is the PAX 10; a yearly collection of the top 10 best in the indie gaming world.

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