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PAX East 2012

See What It Takes To Become A Soldier In Steel Battalion Heavy Armor [Video]

For nearly two years it’s been hyped as one of the premier experiences on the Kinect for core gamers and soon we’ll see if Steel Battalion Heavy Armor will deliver the goods.  Scheduled to drop exclusively on the Xbox 360 this year, Steel Battalion’s return will reach some gamers sooner as expected since it’s one of the many games that will be playable at PAX East this weekend. I’m trying my best not to go into angry kid mode since I won’t be attending PAX East to partake in some mech vs.

The Dino Action Of Primal Carnage Is Finally Going To Be Released

If you’re aching for some dinosaur based video game action then you may be in luck as one project featuring the prehistoric beasts is nearly set for release. No, we’re still out of luck as a new Dino Crisis game hasn’t been announced by Capcom nor has a proper Jurassic Park game been announced.  Instead the long awaited indie project Primal Carnage is finally locked for a 2012 release.

TL;DR - Mar 23 - Mohawks, Prey 2, Adventure Time!


Happy Friday fellow Shogunites! The week, as long as it may have felt, has finally concluded its grind. Its time to kick back, relax, and dig into whatever game you’re currently working your way through… unless you’re the going out on Friday night kind, in which case: Happy Saturday! Today’s TL;DR offers up some exciting news for the DS in the form of an Adventure Time game. Ubisoft is making plans to shave heads and tattoo attendees at PAX East (exciting!), and some GDC cancellations have the internet talking games that might be canned.

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