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PAX 2010

Official Super Street Fighter IV FightStick Tournament Edition - Chun Li [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Takes a little getting used to, compared to a pad or even american arcade sticks, but once you get a handle on the sensitivity and response of this stick... well there'll be no stopping you.

The Pros: 

Satisfying button feel/sound. Super sensitive control stick reads. Gorgeous artwork. Slick new semi-transparent wall-design. Easy to open/mod design means changing anything you don't like (or have a preference for) is quick and simple.

The Cons: 

The square-gate may take a little getting used to (American consoles rock a eight-way or circle-gate generally). Chun Li is NOT Ibuki. Rating : 

Header Photo By Cynthia Griffiths

A couple of weekends ago the Shogun Gamer crew was offered the opportunity to head down and check out the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX Prime) and report on the events there-in. Of course we jumped on the chance, being that PAX (both East and West) have been so good to us in the past. This year’s show was definitely one of the best there has been, and a big part of that was the connections that we were able to make. 

QuarterSave: Hiatus EP49.5

I have a good news/bad news situation for you all. Unfortunately there is no new episode of QuarterSave, however there is good news in that there is a reason for the delay.

If you’ve been following along with us, then you know QuarterSave is on the threshold of its 50th episode. While Corey and I did consider throwing together a 50th episode spectacular this weekend, it was decided that instead we’ll wait… Next week we’ll be in Seattle covering PAX Prime, and what better place to celebrate a 50 episode anniversary!?

PAX Prime Registration Begins

PAX East feels like a distant dream. It was forever ago that we sent a couple of our writers out there to cover the mayhem, and apparently go to Cheers without a certain fan… Ahem. Oh, wait a minute… no that was just earlier this week! I guess the guys over at Penny Arcade fully intend to capitalize on the hype of the first ever PAX East to remind everyone that PAX Prime is coming up “shortly.” 

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