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Paul W.S. Anderson

Is Capcom Prepping A Monster Hunter Movie?

Capcom may be readying another film adaptation of a core video game property, which based on the history of the company will either be a massive commercial and critical dud at the box office or will likely never become anything more than a mere pitch.  After giving us film versions of Street Fighter, Capcom is apparently preparing a film adaptation for none other than Monster Hunter.

Resident Evil: Retribution Premier Trailer Is Ridiculous Beyond Belief

The time has finally come for our first look at Resident Evil: Retribution and as expected the film hasn’t disappointed us, or at least it hasn’t disappointed us by providing ludicrous material and action scenarios.  

Resident Evil: Retribution Scheduled To Hit Theaters Next Year

Well its official. Another movie based on Capcom's Resident Evil franchise is slated to hit theaters next year. Screen Gems' Resident Evil: Retribution is scheduled to come out next year on September 14, 2012.

Paul W.S. Anderson has gone from directing Mortal Kombat to Resident Evil and now he wants a stab at Metal Gear Solid

Director Paul W.S. Anderson has an extremely mixed reaction when it comes to movie watchers and the gaming community.  Say what you will but the man brought the world of Mortal Kombat to life back in 1995 and he gave us what is still probably one of the best video game film adaptations ever despite the few story concessions that were made.  Paul then followed MK up with the sci-fi horror film Event Horizon, which was an inspiration for the game Dead Space, and the old-school action film Soldier.

Chris Redfield joins the cast of Resident Evil: Afterlife

I thought the Resident Evil movies were ok films if you look at them as their own separate thing not connected to the games but based on the latest casting update for Resident Evil: Afterlife I can’t help but become a bit disappointed.

The Three Musketeers return with a new movie that will feature a popular gimmick

It’s somewhat standard for classic tales to be retold through the ages. Popular stories like Robin Hood are often revitalized every 15-20 years so a new audience is exposed to the rich world and characters that these stories are often set in. With Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood film starring Russell Crowe set to be released next year I guess Hollywood is ready for the next round of classic retellings as The Three Musketeers is set to make another film appearance.

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