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Namco Registers Pac-Man Smash, Let The Guessing Game Begin

We already know that Namco has some big plans for Pac-Man as the company has already successfully sold their original CG Pac-Man cartoon for a 2013 airing.  Besides the Pac-Man cartoon, which could either be amazing or dreadful, we have the first clue as to what Namco could be doing on the video game side of the Pac-Man franchise.

What if? Episode 2

The backlogs of gaming history are filled with mystery, intrigue and doubt. Like in all pop culture, there always seems to be alternatives to the reality presented. While many gamers can live their lives with what’s in front of them, I’m about to ask the question, What if?

CG Pac-Man Cartoon Gets Greenlit, Headed To Disney

Pac-Man may not be so popular these days that he has songs written about him or has his own brand of cereal, but the iconic video game character is going to receive a brand new cartoon.  Today Disney announced that they picked up Pac-Man: The Adventure Begins, a new CG Pac-Man cartoon that takes the character on a series of adventures with new characters – all of whom have a slightly creepy appearance.

Capcom Slightly Trolls Us With New Street Fighter X Tekken Roster Additions

Fighting games aren’t exactly my forte, or at least fighting games that are devoid of color-coded ninjas and an abundance of over-the-top violence.  Casey White is Shogun Gamer’s fighting game master but I felt a bit compelled to do a quick snippet on the latest reveal for Street Fighter X Tekken.  Now I’ve somewhat followed SF X Tekken since it was first announced but I haven’t been looking forward to it as much as the still to be revealed Tekken x Street Fighter, which I think could be amazing if everything comes together.

Namco Bandai Reveal New Pac-Man And Galaga Games For Nintendo 3DS

Pac-Man and Galaga may be well over thirty years old, but here we are in 2011 and both games are still kicking and continue to be exposed to a new generation of gamers.  Some gamers get exposed to either Pac-Man or Galaga by playing the original arcade versions while others experience both games for the first time through the countless sequels/remakes that have been made over the years.  The impending release of the Nintendo 3DS just wouldn’t be the same if Namco Bandai didn’t have a Pac-Man or Galaga game in the works and now we have our first details on the next generation versi

Get ready for more trash related video game content: Pac-Man reality show in the works

I like to think that I try to stay open minded on things. Sometimes I can come across as either jaded or entirely broken down, but for the most part unless something looks like absolute crap from the get-go I like to hold out for the best.

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX could soon be upon us

When it comes to beloved video game characters, there’s none greater than Pac-Man.  Much is owed to Pac-Man as the character single-handily carried the video game industry in the early 1980s along with bringing it to the mainstream. Even today, over 25 years since his inception, Pac-Man still carries a lot of weight in the video game community, which is clearly shown in the anticipation for Pac-Man: Championship Edition DX.

Google Logo Plays Pac-Man for 30th Anniversary

Our beloved search engine Google never misses an opportunity to deliver us a new and exciting logo themed for all sorts of special occasions. Today’s logo, inspired by the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man, has to be the single greatest thing they’ve done. Not only does the logo look pretty slick, but it’s a fully-functional flash-game of Pac-Man!

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