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Ubisoft's Osiris (New IP) Has Been Given The Boot

The perceived next big project from Ubisoft will ultimately not be such a thing based on word handed down from the company.  Osiris, the project which was spun off from a cancelled Prince of Persia reboot, seemed like it would be the next core franchise for Ubisoft but the company has now revealed the project has been cancelled/given the Beyond Good & Evil 2 treatment i.e. indefinitely shelved.

An Official and Unofficial Update On Prince of Persia (New IP News)

Today some good and bad news has surfaced concerning the fate of the Prince of Persia franchise. Last seen in the rather disappointing quasi movie tie-in that was Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, Ubisoft has revealed that the time altering acrobatic Prince we know and love is being put into early retirement.

Speculation time: Bungie files new trademarks, possibly for their next project

We all know that the powerhouse studio that is Bungie is currently working on a few major projects. While we constantly hear that the studio is done making Halo games, we all know that sooner or later the studio is pulled in yet again to give us yet another prequel, sequel, side story to Halo – for better or worst. But what’s more interesting than the next story of Master Chief is Bungie’s new IP for Activision.

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