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PlayStation Classics Revisited: Einhander

Around fifteen years ago the shmup genre was one that showed no signs of slowing down.  The amount of shmup games released in North America may not have exceeded games in the 3rd person action genre, but gamers who enjoyed piloting various ships as they engaged in massive battles definitely had some nice options to choose from within the genre.  As a huge fan of the shmup genre I decided to take a look at Einhander, one of the best and most beloved games to be released from Squaresoft/Square Enix that doesn’t have the name Final Fantasy in the title.

Spike TV's Video Game Awards are Gaming Cancer

The hot topic of this past weekend is Spike's annual Video Game Awards. This horrible spectacle is something I've covered before, but Saturday's presentation has really made one thing abundantly clear to me: they're unnecessary and, quite honestly, insulting.

The Evolution of Xbox (or Why I’m Okay with Service Fees)


Earlier in the week Xbox 360 received its third major Xbox Dashboard update. Once again with this year’s “Fall Update” we got an upgrade to the visual style of the console’s home screen and menu navigation, which brought me around to thinking about how much has changed in the world of gaming since the inclusion of online services, specifically with Microsoft and its Xbox Live service.  

An Open Letter to Nintendo

Dear Nintendo,

It's no small secret that I love you. I have your Starman tattooed on my shoulder. I have one of every system you have ever produced, and yours are the games I remember the most fondly from my childhood.

My childhood is over now, and I have grown less than enthused with you recently.

Skyrim: The Biggest Thing?

Since Skyrim was announced, oh so long ago, I was more than eagerly anticipating its arrival. I informed my boss of the impending week off of work a full year in advance, and I promised myself not to get pulled in by other releases that month. I've been a huge fan of the series since Daggerfall (and am thus well acquainted with the series' history of bugs) but not even I was prepared for the social phenomenon that Skyrim would bring.

The Rhythm Genre: Where to Next?

I am a huge fan of rhythm games, especially peripheral-based ones. I've heard all the lines, most of them different spins on the old questions, "if you like these games so much, why don't you learn to play an instrument for real?" Well that's an easy answer: I know how, and this is still fun. I can't sit at my drum set and have my friends able to sing along or play a guitar with me. They're good party games, alright? Lighten up.

Call of Duty: Will the Fans Give Up?

Today's topic deals with something that even I found pretty shocking; checking up on the user score for Modern Warfare 3 reveals a (as of today) a user score of 3.2. The reason I find this shocking is that among Call of Duty fans, I was under the impression that the games could do no wrong. Compared to the incredibly favourable score from reviewers, it makes wonder where the rift is.

Video Game Awards - The Spectacle

The incredible spectacle that happens every year on the Spike Network - the Spike Video Game Awards - can be construed as both a good thing and a bad thing. These days we're living in a time where video games get recognition from a newer, more mainstream market. The hardcore market is only expanding, and the game industry can be nothing short of ecstatic over this. Games aren't a nerd hobby anymore; they're an everyone hobby.

The Nintendo Wii: A Retrospective

Since its release in 2006, the Nintendo Wii has to be both the most praised and the most criticized system of our generation. It was a pretty even split down the middle between people who loved the motion controls and hated them, as well as people who loved the casual, accessible games and hardcore gamers who couldn't be bothered. With the Wii U (I still hate that name) due out next year and the Wii losing much momentum over the past two years, it's time to wave good-bye to the system that ushered in the age of motion controls.

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