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Kickstarter: The Success Of Ouya

With over 63-thousand backers and an impressive $8.5-million raised, Ouya has reached the closing of their successful run on Kickstarter.

Back in early July, Ouya appeared on the backing website becoming an overnight success. The petite console will run on a smartphone processor created by Nvidia, and a Google Android operating system. The concept was simple, provide mobile and online game developers with a chance to create games for the television. It has since blossomed into a rather impressive project.

OnLive teams up with VIZIO to integrate OnLive into TVs and Blu-ray players

In what could become a big thing in the video game industry, the cloud gaming service OnLive will now be integrated in TV/Blu-ray manufacturer VIZIO’s upcoming line of products.  Announced this morning at the heels of CES 2011, OnLive will now be included in VIZIO’s new line of TVs which of course are capable of 3D in glorious 1080P quality.

OnLive Launches June 17th, $14.95 Monthly

It seems like OnLive, the cloud processing based “super console”, is full steam ahead. Just today we’ve gotten word that the system will be up and running in all 48 contiguous United States. The on switch gets flipped on June 17th, during E3.

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