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Capcom Permanently Puts Dino Crisis and Onimusha On The Backburner

There’s always hope within us that a certain gaming franchise we’ve adored will come out of its long dormant slumber.  We don’t see too many franchises fall off the radar due to a shift in tastes or an ill-conceived installment, yet such a thing was the case for the Onimusha and Dino Crisis franchises.  After starting off strong, both Onimusha and Dino Crisis were put on the bench by Capcom after poor installments and now news has come down that Capcom has opted to officially retire both games.

Onimusha Could Be Making A Return, Albeit In A Different Form

Out of the many franchises that gamers want to see make a return to the HD consoles, Capcom’s Onimusha series is usually high on everyone’s list.  The Onimusha series was one of the big hits early on in the life cycle of the PlayStation 2 and the franchise ultimately blossomed to become one of the premier action games for the platform, with four core entries being released in the span of five years. 

Onimusha returns in the form of a high-end figure

Capcom may have effectively put the Onimusha franchise out to pasture after the disappointing release of Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams, but if you’re like me, a gamer who somewhat can’t let go of the past, then you may be happy to see this piece of Onimusha merchandise. Yes, it may have been over four years since the last Onimusha game was released, but toy/statue manufacturer Enterbay is releasing a new product based on Onimusha protagonist Akechi Samanosuke.

Capcom set to announce several new games at TGS

In the ongoing trend of publishers/developers teasing announcements of announcements of announcements, ala Hideo Kojima, Capcom has posted via their Twitter page that several new games will be revealed at the Tokyo Game Show next month.

Prior to E3 this year Capcom did a similar tease which did turn out to be pretty good as we got the announcement for Resident Evil for the PSP. But the announcement of a RE game on the PSP wasn’t really the megaton announcement some would hope it would be.

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