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The Cumulative Guide to April Fools for Gamers

I don’t know about you, but April Fool’s has quickly become one of the favorite events of the year since I began following and then working in the video game industry. The pranks that have been pulled on the fans of video games over the last few years have reached an ‘epic’ level of status.

Peripheral Renaissance: Spotlight Nyko CES 2010

Second in my continuing series of looks into the world of third-party hardware development is Nyko. This is another company that’s been floating around for a number of years making a wide range of hardware options for those of us that didn’t want or didn’t know about first party options. Now Nyko isn’t a company that I have the personal history of that I alluded to with Mad Catz. By the time Nyko was making accessories I’d already learned my lesson with my InterAct and Mad Catz items.

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