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Nvidia Shield

NVidia Sheild Announced, Cloud Based Console

Apparently the concept of cloud-based gaming hasn't died yet. While GDC has been providing developers with free copies of the newest software and showing off a plethora of VR headsets, it looks like Nvidia is leading the charge of cloud-based gaming still being a thing.

Just announced today, Nvidia will be supplying the gaming community at large with their own take on cloud gaming with the Nvidia Shield.

Nvidia Enters Handheld Arena With The Shield

The first true megaton of 2013 may have just occurred that either will end up being yet another turning point for the industry or will simply be the biggest blunder since the NGage.  To kick off CES 2013 with a true bang, Nvidia decided to do something I think none of us expected: a new handheld console from the firm was announced.

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