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No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

New No More Heroes 2 Figure Is Provocative Yet Really Awesome

If you’ve been reading Shogun Gamer for a while now you probably know I adore the No More Heroes franchise.  The first No More Heroes game was one of the reasons I bought a Wii, if not the only reason, and I try to own as much NMH stuff as my budget can allow me.  So with how high I revere the No More Heroes franchise, just imagine my reaction upon hearing the news that a No More Heroes figure of Sylvia Christel is finally available for pre-order.

Find Out Which Bosses Are Making A Guest Appearance in No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise

As a gamer I’m used to double dipping when it comes to video games sometimes. There are times when a game may release a new edition like DMC3: Special Edition that features such a cool bonus (playable Vergil FTW) that it warrants a second purchase. But never before in my long history as a gamer would I ever think that I would buy a game for a 3rd time. Perhaps I do have a problem of sorts since I’m buying a game for a third time, but I think such a thing is warranted based on what’s being offered in No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise/Red Zone.

Find out if No More Heroes 2 will support Wii MotionPlus

I can’t help myself but be extremely hyped up for No More Heroes 2.  Everything creator Suda 51 has told us in interviews has been amazing and the accompanying trailers never cease to entertain due to their humor and over-the-top stylized violence. Today we have some new info on NMH2 via 1up that may please some people and leave some a tad bit disappointed.

Suda 51 shows us what we can expect from No More Heroes 2

We all know that No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle was going to be a crazy game. The action is amped up, the visuals are refined and you're going to be fighting 51 bosses throughout the course of the game.  I think those things alone makes NMH2 the top contender for craziest game of 2010 despite coming out at the start of the year.

Ubisoft announces a release date for No More Heroes 2

I usually don’t like to post news concerning release dates for games but since I’m a complete whore for anything related to No More Heroes, so I thought I would make an exception.  Ubisoft has announced that No More Heroes 2 will be released in January, just as No More Heroes was last year.

No More Heroes 2 is aiming to be complete craziness.

A few weeks ago No More Heroes creator Suda 51 in an interview with Gametrailers gave a hint as to how many boss battles we can expect in No More Heroes 2. Suda didn’t give an exact number but he did say it would be more than the 10 bosses, the amount in the first game.

Suda 51 drops some new info on No More Heroes 2

No More Heroes creator Suda 51 recently sat down with to discuss what we can expect from No More Heroes 2 aside from awesome battles featuring dual wielding katanas.

The struggle continues in No More Heroes 2

Earlier this week we got our first info and images for the upcoming crazy fest that is No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle. The info released by Famitsu definitely answered a lot of questions fans had concerning the story and it also gave us our first glimpse at a few new characters.

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