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No More Heroes 2

Grasshopper Manufacture Podcast Episode 3: Hoppers Delight

Fridays are always awesome for two reasons: it’s the end of the work week and a new episode of the Grasshopper Manufacture podcast is released.  Always available bright and early on Friday morning, listening to the Grasshopper Manufacture podcast or rather the Flower, Sun & Podcast (official name) is definitely a nice way to cap off the work week for those who enjoy developer podcasts.

Japanese special edition announced for No More Heroes 2 (it's awesome)

I usually don’t double dip on games even if a cool special edition is released.  Usually I’ll hold off on purchasing a game for a 2nd time even if there’s an added bonus since I would prefer not to spend an additional $80-100 just to have something on my shelf.  Well I’m going to be changing my colors today as a Japanese special edition has been announced for No More Heroes 2.

[Video] Suda 51 tells us about No More Heroes 2 while he sits on the toilet

With the release of No More Heroes 2 next week I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve waiting to open his presents.  I’m a huge NMH fan and the past few trailers have put me into hype overdrive mode since the game promises to be even crazier and more enjoyable than the first installment.   Sadly Ubisoft has been doing the best job of promoting the game, in fact they don’t seem to be promoting it at all, but they have released another dev diary for the game featuring the incredible Suda 51.

Things get surreal in this new No More Heroes 2 trailer

We all know that No More Heroes 2 is going to be a crazy game with tons of weird stuff in it, which is why we all love it, but when we see a girl weilding giant anime arms who makes a strange squeal when hit I think the game has reached an all new level of strangeness. 

First footage of playable Shinobu in No More Heroes 2

The hype for No More Heroes 2 was already high when the game was announced and the first footage and images were released but when it was announced that former boss Shinobu would be a playable character there was a collective mind explosion across the NMH fanbase.  Suda 51 promised that the addition of Shinobu as a playable character would fit the game and that she would bring new abilities Travis doesn’t have such as being able to jump and move quicker.  Based on the recently release footage of Shinobu in action I think fans of the series will have a hard time waiting to get thei

Another update on No More Heroes 2

Some new details on “No More Heroes 2” have emerged from the latest issue of Edge magazine and like all the other reports on NMH2 have been this one is filled with more goodness.

Brand new No More Heroes 2 details

Ever since its announcement trailer last year many have wondered what No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle would be about.  There was the small matter of how the sequel would be possible since the true ending of the game alluded to Travis and his brother Henry taking one another out in an epic battle on the streets of Santa Destroy.

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