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Our First and Possibly Only Look At Capcom's Strider Reboot

Today news has been unearthed which may either please, disappoint, or simply anger longtime fans of the ninja that is Strider.  Capcom may have forgotten about its once popular red scarfed ninja, but apparently a reboot was in the works.  According to info pertained by Anait Games, Grin Barcelona was working on a new Strider game for Capcom.  Yes, the same folks who did the Bionic Commando reboot were going to give Strider a next-gen makeover as well.

A look at Grin's ninja game

In addition to developing a Final Fantasy spin-off game for Square Enix and another game for Capcom rumored to be a new Mega Man entry, the now closed developer Grin was also working on a mysterious ninja game.  The project which was unknown until now has been revealed via an artist’s resume which shows off in great detail the combat system for the game.

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